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Tags: argument
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:


Title in Italiano:

Il ragazzo della porta accanto

Title in Português:

Um Vizinho Insuspeito

Title in Français:

Un voisin trop parfait

Title in Türk:

Komşu Çocuk

Title in Deutsch:

The Boy Next Door


The classic literature teacher Claire Peterson lives alone with her teenage son Kevin in a house in the suburb. She is separated from her husband Garrett Peterson since she has found he had an affair with a coworker in Los Angeles. Garrett wants to have a fresh restart with Claire but she is reluctant and prefers to stay alone.

When the handsome nephew of her next door neighbor Noah Sandborn loses his parents in a car accident, he moves to the house and befriends Claire and Kevin. Noah seems to be an adorable young man and soon there is a sexual tension between Claire and he and one rainy night they have one night stand. On the next morning, Claire regrets but Noah becomes obsessed for her and shows his real personality.

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The Boy Next Door
Just Like Rain
Lisbeth Scott: Writer
Lisbeth Scott: Performer
The Hong Kong Cha-Cha
Rob Cohen: Writer
Lynn Ray: Performer
My Garden
Kat Dahlia: Writer
Kat Dahlia: Performer
I'm Only Joking
Kongos: Performer
Jesse Kongos: Writer
Song For Zula
Phosphorescent: Writer
Phosphorescent: Performer
Alex Clare: Writer
Alex Clare: Performer
The Touch
Welshly Arms: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
More Than That
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nicest Thing
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
Drinking Wine
Nathan Barr: Performer
Love Scene
Nathan Barr: Performer
About Us
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
Classroom Panic
Nathan Barr: Performer
Where's the Video?
Nathan Barr: Performer
Switching Cars
Nathan Barr: Performer
Nathan Barr: Performer
The Barn
Nathan Barr: Performer
Have a Blast
Nathan Barr: Performer

User reviews

Anthony Harris

The soundtrack of The Boy Next Door perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Ronald Young

One aspect that stands out in the soundtrack of The Boy Next Door is its ability to build tension and suspense during key moments of the plot. The gradual crescendos and sudden drops in the music mirror the escalating drama unfolding on screen, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.

Edward Walker

Overall, the soundtrack of The Boy Next Door is a crucial element in enhancing the overall mood and atmosphere of the film. Its carefully selected tracks and evocative compositions serve to heighten the emotional impact of the story, making it a memorable musical accompaniment to the on-screen action.

Daniel Robinson

The Boy Next Door soundtrack perfectly captures the suspense and tension of the movie, enhancing the thrilling and intense moments throughout the film. The music adds depth to the storyline and helps to create a truly immersive viewing experience.

Brian Evans

The music in The Boy Next Door effectively enhances the emotional depth of the characters, especially during the intimate and intense scenes between Claire and Noah. The haunting vocals and melancholic instrumental arrangements add layers of complexity to their complicated relationship.

Joseph Roberts

The musical choices often felt cliché and predictable, lacking originality and creativity to truly capture the intensity of the escalating suspense and drama in the film.

Joseph Allen

The soundtrack of The Boy Next Door felt completely disconnected from the plot and characters, failing to enhance the emotional depth of the story.

Thomas White

The music sets the mood for each scene, from the initial introduction of the characters to the climactic moments of the story, creating a sense of unease and anticipation throughout.

Nancy Jones

Additionally, the soundtrack of The Boy Next Door expertly conveys the emotional turmoil and complexity of the characters, especially during the pivotal moments of the plot. The music effectively conveys the inner struggles and conflicts of the characters, making the audience feel more connected and invested in their journey.

George Hernandez

The soundtrack of The Boy Next Door perfectly captures the suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere of the film. The use of eerie melodies and intense rhythms creates a sense of unease that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.