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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Collectors

Title in Italiano:

The Collectors

Title in Português:

The Collectors


Logan wanted to follow in his father's footsteps as a kickboxing champion. But his dreams are literally shattered when an automobilie accident leaves him without the use of his legs. His family and former friends watch helplessly as he withdraws from the world and shuts himself off from life for two years. The only person who can talk to him is his grandfather, a pioneering mathematician and computer game programmer. Logan's grandfather designs a game specifically for him, called "The Collectors," which gives him a glimpse at the adventure and athleticism he longs for. But Logan soon encounters danger and intrigue as the barriers between his real and virtual lives seem to break down.

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The Collectors
My Last Regrets
Crows Over the City
Letter from a Friend
A House in Silence
The Tragedy of Beechworth
Steps in the Darkness
A Secret Deep Buried
Letter from a Friend (Orchestral)
The Last Door
The Carnival of Venice
Godforsaken Place
Rest in Peace
Mysterious Ways
Forgotten Melody
The Nightmare
An Unveiled Path
Inside Your Horror
Malum in Se
Winter of the Past
Old Nichol
Forgotten Streets
The Four Witnesses - Piano Version
Dust and Silence
Immortal Beloved
The Four Witnesses
The Veil
Ancient Shadows
What Remains
The Angels Protect This House
The Scream
The Unknown
They Are Coming
London at Dawn
Walls of Loneliness
Sonata of Abandonment
Story Behind Every Face
Waltz of the Lost Gazes
Miss Konhe
The Crimson Nest
The House at the Top of the Hill
When I Am Visited Again
Song for a Lost Mind
Wright's Riddle
The Hypnosis
Flowers for Miss Carter
Echoes of a Lonely Church
If the Birds Fall Silent
The Truth Within
The Waltz of H-A
Among the Dead Stones
The Hills Of Éllís Mór
Miss Laidcend
Kieran's PlayRoom