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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Evil Within 2

Title in Italiano:

The Evil Within 2

Title in Português:

The Evil Within 2


Three years after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, Sebastian Castellanos has left the Krimson City Police Department, but the mysterious organization MOBIUS gives him a chance to save his own thought-dead daughter.

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The Evil Within 2
I Told You to Leave
Prepare for Extraction
Remains of Union
Facing Your Fears
Union's Falling Apart
Theodore's Disciples
Pulled into the Abyss
My Followers Call Me Father Theodore
Sneaking Through the Forest
Hold Your Ground
Unspeakable Things
Agony on Display
The Bottomless Pit
An Opportunity
The Power of the Core Is Mine
Welcome to Union
Tredwell Trucking
Is It Finally over?
One Final Photo
Aperture Watches
Slipped Through My Fingers
Deeper into Madness
A Moment of Respite
Roaming the Streets
You Have to Stay Strong
Through the Flames of Hell
Another Evil
Fight with the Guardian
The Harbinger
The Lost
The Matriarch
Meet My Beautiful Obscura
Guardian Chase
An End to All of This
Entering Stem
I Hope She's Safe
We Can Be a Family Again
A Bouquet of Flesh and Blood
Climbing the Stronghold
A Memory
Where It All Begins
The Artist and the Gallery
Into the Flame
Your Death Will Be My Art
Serenade for Strings in C Major,Op.48
Making Your Way Home
The Artist's Domain
The Evil Within
Ordinary World (From "The Evil Within 2" Video Game Trailer)