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Rating: 5.90/10 from 761 votes
Tags: joining the army, father slaps his son
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El juego del ahorcado

Title in Italiano:

The Hanged Man

Title in Português:

The Hanged Man


The Hanged Man

In a small town, a mysterious murder takes place. The victim is found hanging from a tree, with strange symbols carved into their body. The police are baffled by the case, unable to find any leads or motives for the crime.

As the investigation unfolds, the detectives discover a series of connections between the victim and several prominent members of the community. They begin to suspect that the murder may be part of a larger conspiracy, involving powerful individuals who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

As the tension in the town grows, the detectives race against time to unravel the mystery before more lives are lost. They must navigate through a web of lies and deceit, facing danger at every turn.

Will they be able to solve the case before it's too late, or will the truth remain buried forever?

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The Hanged Man
Born to be wild
Steppenwolf: Performer
Mars Bonfire: Writer
Soy como dos
Álvaro Urquijo: Writer
Los Secretos: Performer
A quién le importa
Dolo Beltrán: Writer
Pastora: Performer

User reviews

Dorothy Allen

Each track in the soundtrack of The Hanged Man enhances the storytelling and builds tension effectively. The music seamlessly accompanies the unfolding investigation, adding layers of intrigue and suspense that keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. The way the music mirrors the detectives' journey to uncover the truth makes it an essential component of the overall immersive experience.

Mary Harris

The soundtrack of The Hanged Man successfully immerses the listener in the world of the film, evoking a range of emotions from fear to intrigue. The compositions are well-crafted and enhance the storytelling, making it a crucial element in building the atmosphere and suspense of the mystery.

Timothy Martin

The composition of the soundtrack felt disjointed and inconsistent, with abrupt changes in tone that disrupted the flow of the story. It failed to create a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience, detracting from the overall impact of the film.

Brian Hill

The soundtrack of The Hanged Man effectively captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the small town where the murder takes place. The haunting melodies and subtle use of instrumentation create a sense of unease that lingers throughout the investigation.

Elizabeth Walker

The use of subtle melodies and eerie sound effects in the soundtrack enhances the sense of mystery and intrigue in the narrative. It immerses me in the world of the small town and adds an extra layer of depth to the characters and their motivations.

Stephanie Walker

The haunting and atmospheric score of The Hanged Man perfectly sets the tone for the mysterious and suspenseful storyline. The music creates a sense of unease and tension, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire experience.

Emily Wright

The music enhances the suspense and tension of the plot, keeping the audience on edge as the detectives uncover the dark secrets hidden within the community. The shifts in tone and tempo mirror the twists and turns of the story, adding depth to the overall experience.

Stephanie Jones

The soundtrack of The Hanged Man perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the small town setting. The haunting melodies and subtle use of suspenseful tones create a sense of unease that immerses the listener in the dark and twisted world of the murder mystery.

Margaret Turner

The soundtrack of The Hanged Man failed to capture the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the small town murder mystery. The music lacked depth and failed to evoke any sense of tension or intrigue, leaving the scenes feeling flat and unengaging.

Michael Moore

Overall, the soundtrack of The Hanged Man missed the mark in enhancing the narrative and failed to deliver a memorable and captivating musical experience that could have elevated the storytelling to new heights.