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Rating: 6.80/10 from 4300 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La niña santa

Title in Português:

A Rapariga Santa


ENT physicians gather at a provincial hotel in Salta. The hotel owner, Helena, is subdued, brittle, avoiding the calls of her ex-husband's pregnant wife. Family dysfunction seems everywhere.

Helena's daughter, Amalia, about 14, discusses vocations in a Catholic girls group. Their teen imaginations conflate the erotic, the religious, and the lurid. Amalia notices Dr. Jano, and he notices her. She decides to make him her vocation, she follows him, he rubs against her in a public crowd, he's appalled at his actions.

Meanwhile, Helena believes Jano is attracted to her even though he's married. Longing, guilt, scandal, and teen sensuality are set to collide.

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The Holy Girl
El Que a Hierro Mata (En Vivo)
El Niño y el Canario
Mala Mujer
Salud Amigo
Cara de Gitana
Soley Soley
Zambita Pa' Don Rosendo
Deja de Llorar
Mamy Blue
A la Orilla del Lago
Luces en el Puerto
Maria Elena
Siempre En Mi Corazón
Te Quiero Dijiste - Remastered

User reviews

James Johnson

The use of religious undertones in the soundtrack adds a layer of depth to the story, highlighting the themes of sin, temptation, and morality present in the film.

James Clark

The soundtrack's interplay with the visuals enhances the film's storytelling, effectively conveying the characters' inner turmoil and the tangled web of relationships in the narrative.

Susan Thomas

The composition of the music evokes a sense of foreboding and uncertainty, creating a palpable atmosphere of suspense that keeps the audience engaged.

James Wright

The haunting melodies evoke a sense of unease and mystery, mirroring the tangled web of relationships and desires depicted on screen.

Paul Phillips

The soundtrack of The Holy Girl effectively captures the tension and unease of the characters' interactions, reflecting the complex emotions simmering beneath the surface.

George Wilson

The use of subtle instrumentation and atmospheric soundscapes creates a deep emotional resonance, pulling the viewer deeper into the characters' inner turmoil.

Melissa Gonzalez

Overall, the soundtrack of The Holy Girl is a masterful complement to the film's themes of forbidden attraction, family dysfunction, and adolescent awakening.

Lisa Roberts

Overall, the music in The Holy Girl contributes significantly to the film's overall mood and atmosphere, elevating the viewing experience and immersing the audience in the characters' emotional journey.

Susan Robinson

The music enhances the narrative by subtly mirroring the characters' internal conflicts, especially in scenes where Amalia's infatuation with Dr. Jano unfolds.

Donald Garcia

The Holy Girl's soundtrack captures the eerie tension and complex emotions within the story perfectly. The music enhances the sense of longing and scandal that permeates the film.