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Tags: army training, secret military operation, psychic remote viewing
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

L'uomo che fissa le capre


2003. After a series of upheavals in his life including his wife leaving him for his boss, Bob Wilton, a reporter for the Ann Arbor Daily Telegraph, decides he has to prove himself in his life. So he gets himself reassigned to the Iraq War file, based in Kuwait City. While trying to figure out a way to get into Iraq proper for that big war story, Bob meets by chance Lyn Cassady, a US military contractor trying to drum up business. However, Bob recognizes Lyn's name as part of a story from Bob's past reporter life. The story's interviewee, Gus Lacey, claimed he had psychic powers, and could do amazing things just using his mind, among other things travel through space, and kill, which he learned in the 1980s as part of a top secret military unit based at Fort Bragg, its members trained to be "psychic spies". At the time, Bob thought Gus was just plain crazy.

Lyn, according to Gus, was the most gifted psychic in the unit. For various reasons, Lyn, who discloses that he is on an undisclosed mission, feels that Bob was sent to Kuwait to join him, while Bob feels that Lyn is a way into Iraq for that major story. Through their adventures, Lyn divulges to Bob that the unit was developed by a soldier named Bill Django, who, in his military sanctioned research, went from being a nuts and bolts soldier into a new age hippie. Bill created the unit, the New Earth Army, based on west coast based new age theories to train super soldiers - Jedi warriors - who looked at the military's function in a new way, their mission to achieve world peace through love and gentleness inherent within most soldiers.

Lyn later tells of one unit member Larry Hooper, who wanted to take over the unit in his own vision, this coup by discrediting unit leaders such as Bill and Lyn. As Lyn and Bob embark on Lyn's undisclosed mission (if there really is one), Bob hopes that Lyn's psychic powers will be able to get them out of the continual scrapes they find themselves. Bob also hopes to get that big story which he believes will be his salvation. Ultimately, Bob may find salvation of another more important kind.

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The Men Who Stare at Goats
Supergrass: Performer
Danny Goffey: Writer
Pat Jabbar: Writer
Itchycoo Park
Ronnie Lane: Writer
Small Faces: Performer
Dancing with Myself
Billy Idol: Writer
Generation X: Performer
Hippy Hippy Shake
Everybody Wants You
Billy Squier: Writer
Billy Squier: Performer
Lucky for a Lifetime
Rick Riso: Writer
You're What I Need the Most
Stephen Edwards: Writer
More Than A Feeling
Tom Scholz: Writer
Boston: Performer
I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
Nancie Mantz: Writer
Wishin' and Hopin'
Burt Bacharach: Writer
Dusty Springfield: Performer
I See You
Mark Gasbarro: Performer
Maddie Madsen: Writer
Opening Titles: A Run At The Wall
Rolfe Kent: Performer
From Ann Arbor To War
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Lyn Shows The New Earth Army / Bill's Epiphany
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Bill's Speech - A New King of Warrior
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Cloudbursting On The Road
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Hitching A Ride / We Are Jedi
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Rolfe Kent: Performer
The Echmaer Technique
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Escaping The Kidnappers
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Gas Station Shootout
Rolfe Kent: Performer
A Night At Mahmoud's
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Without Bill The Jedi Changed
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Desert Ride
Rolfe Kent: Performer
There Is No Mission? / The Goat Lab
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Lyn Stares At The Goat
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Rolfe Kent: Performer
The Base, And Bill
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Do You Believe In Redemption
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Jedi Prayer
Rolfe Kent: Performer
LSD In The Water
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Releasing The Goats
Rolfe Kent: Performer
Writing The Story
Rolfe Kent: Performer

User reviews

Patricia Wright

The music enhances the sense of adventure and intrigue felt throughout the film.

Linda Garcia

Overall, the music of The Men Who Stare at Goats enriches the viewing experience and adds depth to the narrative.

George Young

The use of instrumental tracks in the soundtrack adds to the overall atmospheric quality of the movie, enhancing the surreal and otherworldly elements of the plot.

John Parker

The soundtrack of The Men Who Stare at Goats is a fitting complement to the quirky and unconventional storyline of the movie. The music choices help to create a sense of mystery and intrigue throughout the film.

Joseph Brown

Overall, the soundtrack of The Men Who Stare at Goats effectively enhances the storytelling and helps to immerse the audience in the bizarre world of psychic spies and unconventional military operations.

Sarah Taylor

I found the music choices to be uninspiring and lacking in emotional depth, failing to capture the essence of the characters and the story.

Joshua Carter

The soundtrack effectively sets the mood for each scene, enhancing the viewer's immersion in the story.

Stephanie Allen

The soundtrack showcases the talents of the composer in creating a unique and memorable musical score.

James Moore

The memorable melodies and motifs stay with you long after watching the movie.

Michael Davis

The music complements the unconventional themes of psychic powers and military experiments explored in the film.

Emily Adams

The use of different musical styles and instruments creates a diverse and engaging listening experience.

Dorothy Campbell

The emotional depth conveyed through the soundtrack adds another layer to the storytelling.

Donald Jones

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the visuals, creating a cohesive and immersive cinematic experience.

Amanda Hernandez

Moreover, the lack of memorable melodies made the soundtrack forgettable and unremarkable, failing to enhance the overall viewing experience of the movie.

George Anderson

The soundtrack of The Men Who Stare at Goats was quite disappointing to me.

Patricia King

The soundtrack of The Men Who Stare at Goats perfectly captures the quirky and mysterious tone of the movie.

Betty Turner

Some of the songs featured in the soundtrack have a psychedelic and experimental feel, which align well with the offbeat nature of the characters and their experiences in the movie.