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Rating: 6.50/10 from 6800 votes
Tags: husband wife rivalry
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El autor

Title in Italiano:

Il movente

Title in Português:

El Autor


The Motive

Álvaro is a man from Sevilla (Andalucía, south to Spain). Poor and clumsy, without imagination and inspiration to write, he works as accountant in a notary and he is married to Amanda, who unexpectedly became famous after writing her first novel. Dreaming about writing the great novel of all time and surpassing Amanda, Álvaro goes to night class of literature, asking help from his teacher José in order to find the keys to make it. After discovering Amanda being unfaithful with another man, Álvaro is suggested by his boss Don Alfonso to take a little vacation. Moving to a new building, Álvaro passes the days trying to write in an insistently and obsessively way, without any success. Meeting his new neighbors, among them are Enrique and Irene (two Mexican immigrants with money troubles by the imminent dismissal of Enrique of his work), Sr. Montero (an old man and former military, with extreme right-wing ideas from the old Franco's Regime), and the caretaker of the building, an unsatisfied mature woman used by Álvaro to obtain information. Lying to Enrique about his possibilities to recover his work, Álvaro starts manipulating all around him to write the perfect novel, twisting the events to force Enrique to kill Montero by the enormous richness he keeps in his home. But the situation soon becomes out of control, with the limited imagination of Álvaro unable to understand that is really what happens and how will end his highly longed for perfect novel.

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The Motive
Algunas veces
La vida
Mi amante amigo
Se me enamora el alma
José Luis Perales: Writer
Adelfa Calvo: Performer
The Secret of The Night
Tom Armony: Performer
The Lawyer Main Theme
Tom Armony: Performer
Tom Armony: Performer
A Hero Main Theme
Tom Armony: Performer
Ein Kerem Main Theme
Tom Armony: Performer
Mischievous Main Theme
Tom Armony: Performer
The House Var. 1
Tom Armony: Performer
The Letter
Tom Armony: Performer

User reviews

Margaret Smith

The Motive's soundtrack captures the essence of Álvaro's internal struggle and desperation through haunting melodies and somber tones, effectively conveying the character's emotional turmoil.

Joseph Scott

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack mirror Álvaro's internal struggle and descent into desperation as he tries to write the perfect novel.

Jennifer Turner

The music in The Motive complements the cinematography and acting performances, enhancing the overall viewing experience and creating a cohesive audiovisual narrative.

Deborah Lee

The music in The Motive enhances the storytelling by creating a sense of mystery and intrigue, keeping the audience engaged throughout the film.

Susan Young

The composition of the soundtrack effectively conveys the complex emotions of the characters, especially Álvaro, as he navigates through his web of lies and deceit.

Ronald Young

The use of traditional Spanish music in the soundtrack adds a layer of authenticity to the setting of Andalucía and enhances the cultural backdrop of the story.

Edward Hall

The music in The Motive is not just a background element, but a vital component that elevates the storytelling to a whole new level. The carefully selected tracks create a sense of unease and unpredictability, mirroring Álvaro's descent into manipulation and obsession. Each note seems to echo the characters' inner turmoil, making the soundtrack a powerful and unforgettable part of the viewing experience.

Mark Martinez

The soundtrack of The Motive effectively captures the tension and suspense of Álvaro's downward spiral into manipulation and deceit.

Susan Hill

The soundtrack of The Motive perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the story, enhancing the emotional impact of each scene. The use of subtle melodies and haunting motifs adds depth to the characters' inner struggles, making the audience feel truly immersed in Álvaro's journey.

Robert Rodriguez

The soundtrack's use of subtle instrumentation builds a sense of unease and foreboding, reflecting the dark themes of the film.

Carol Carter

The soundtrack's blend of traditional Spanish music with modern compositions creates a unique and immersive auditory experience for the viewers.

Mary Lewis

The soundtrack in The Motive effectively mirrors the character development and psychological journey of Álvaro, adding depth to the narrative.

Nancy Rodriguez

The use of traditional Spanish guitar in the soundtrack adds an authentic and immersive layer to the film, enhancing the setting of Sevilla and enriching the overall viewing experience with its cultural richness.