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Rating: 6.40/10 from 82000 votes
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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Los tres reyes malos

Title in Italiano:

Sballati per le feste!

Title in Português:

A Última Noitada


Isaac, Ethan and Chris have been spending Christmas Eve together ever since Ethan's parents died, but now that they're adults (Isaac is about to become a father and Chris is a famous football player), they think it's time to end their tradition.

They go play the piano, eat Chinese food, sing karaoke in a bar, and look for the Nutcracka Ball, the Holy Grail of all Christmas parties, for the very last time.

On their quest they run into difficulties: Isaac is totally wrecked from all the drugs he has taken, Chris is trying to get some weed for his famous friends, and Ethan is still not over his ex-girlfriend Diana.

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The Night Before
The Creator
Pete Rock: Writer
Pete Rock: Performer
All Alone on Christmas
Darlene Love: Performer
Steven Van Zandt: Writer
Up on the Housetop
Benjamin Russell Hanby: Writer
John Swanson: Arrangement
John Swanson: Performer
Benjamin Hanby: Writer
Twelve Days of Christmas
Frederic Austin: Traditional, arranged
Deck the Halls
Thomas Oliphant: Traditional tune, lyrics
Ron Komie: Arrangement
Ron Komie: Performer
Get Down
Dan The Automator: Writer
Pillowfight: Performer
Ye: Writer
Ye: Performer
Christmas in Hollis
Dancin' All Night
Nate James: Writer
Nate James: Performer
Let's Talk About Sex
Christmas Lights
Daniel Hudson: Performer
Check Yo Self
Ice Cube: Writer
All Around the World (Let's Keep Dancing)
Nate James: Writer
Father Figure
George Michael: Writer
Get Dat Money
Blac Haze: Performer
Blac Haze: Writer
...Baby One More Time
Max Martin: Writer
Britney Spears: Performer
Bassnectar: Writer
Bassnectar: Performer
We Are Alive
Terravita: Performer
Barclay Black: Writer
Barclay Black: Performer
Essential Hype
Kilon TeK: Performer
Wrecking Ball
Dr. Luke: Writer
Miley Cyrus: Performer
Light Up
Akrivi: Writer
Sentimental Body (Borgore Remix)
Lauren Vogel: Writer
Lauren Vogel: Performer
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Phil Spector: Writer
Darlene Love: Performer
Please Come Home for Christmas
Charles Brown: Writer
My Morning Jacket: Performer
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 (Ode to Joy)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Dancin' All Night
Nate James: Performer
Let's Talk About Sex
Nate James: Performer
All Around the World (Let's Keep Dancing)
Nate James: Performer

User reviews

Donald King

The music selection for the Nutcracka Ball sequence is energetic and infectious, perfectly setting the tone for the climax of the film. The soundtrack effectively builds anticipation and excitement as the characters embark on their final quest.

Joshua Thompson

Overall, the soundtrack of The Night Before complements the narrative arc of the film and elevates the viewing experience. The music choices are diverse and well-suited to the various moods and themes explored in the story.

Melissa Thomas

The songs chosen for key moments in the film, such as the piano scene and the Nutcracka Ball sequence, elevate the storytelling and immerse the audience in the characters' world.

Ashley Nelson

The soundtrack of The Night Before perfectly captures the nostalgic and bittersweet essence of the Christmas Eve tradition that Isaac, Ethan, and Chris have shared for so long.

David Nelson

The music enhances the emotional depth of the characters' journeys, from Isaac's impending fatherhood to Chris' struggles with fame and Ethan's lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend Diana.

Nancy Allen

The soundtrack of The Night Before perfectly captures the nostalgic yet adventurous spirit of the Christmas Eve tradition shared by Isaac, Ethan, and Chris. The music enhances the emotional depth of the story, especially during the touching moments when the friends reflect on their past and contemplate the future.

Lisa Lopez

The diverse range of songs in the soundtrack adds layers of fun and excitement to the film, perfectly complementing the wild antics and hilarious escapades of the characters as they navigate through the challenges of the night. The music sets the perfect tone for the heartwarming and comedic moments, making the whole experience of watching The Night Before even more enjoyable.

Michelle Young

The soundtrack of The Night Before felt disjointed and out of place at times, failing to enhance the emotional depth of the characters' struggles throughout the film. The music didn't seem to elevate the scenes or create a cohesive atmosphere, leaving me feeling disconnected from the story.

Ronald Hall

The overall sound mixing in The Night Before was subpar, with some scenes feeling overwhelmed by loud and distracting music that overshadowed the dialogue and character interactions. This made it difficult to fully engage with the story and characters, as the soundtrack seemed to overpower the narrative rather than complement it.

Dorothy Jones

Overall, the soundtrack of The Night Before serves as a powerful storytelling tool that enhances the emotional impact of the film and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Paul Johnson

The karaoke scene is a standout moment in the film, and the song choices are both fun and reflective of the characters' personalities. The soundtrack succeeds in bringing out the humor and camaraderie of the trio during this scene.

Anthony Rodriguez

The diverse range of musical genres, from holiday classics to modern pop hits, creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience that mirrors the characters' eclectic personalities.

Linda Roberts

The use of music in key moments, such as the piano scene where the trio reminisces about their friendship, adds emotional depth to the film. The soundtrack enhances the storytelling and makes the audience feel more connected to the characters.

Dorothy Lee

The soundtrack of The Night Before perfectly captures the nostalgic and bittersweet vibe of the story. The mix of classic Christmas tunes with modern hits creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Joseph Moore

The use of music to highlight the characters' vulnerabilities and growth throughout the film adds an extra layer of depth and resonance to their individual story arcs.

Elizabeth Thomas

The song choices in The Night Before often felt cliché and predictable, relying on overused holiday tunes and generic background music that didn't add any unique flair to the film. It seemed like the soundtrack lacked originality and failed to bring anything fresh or exciting to the table.