The Price of Love Soundtrack (

The Price of Love Soundtrack (1995) cover

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Tags: gay for pay
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El precio del amor

Title in Italiano:

The Price of Love

Title in Português:

The Price of Love

Title in Français:

The Price of Love

Title in Türk:

The Price of Love


16 year old Bret lives with his indifferent father and a stepmother who abhors him. After yet another fight he leaves home. He meets two guys and a girl who are drifting around. He feels attracted to Roxanne and they decide to continue together to LA. Unfortunately Roxanne gets busted by the police, so Bret is on his own again. In LA he meets some nice guys who offer him lodging. However they are involved with (male) prostitution...

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The Price of Love
Could've Been (feat. Bryson Tiller)
Pink + White
Push It
Close the Door
Lessons in Love
Know You Better (feat. Fabolous & Pusha T)
Yeah, I Said It
Too Deep
When We
Needy Bees
Say It Again
Special Affair
He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)
Alone With You
Kiss It Better
Wait For It
Use Your Heart
The Truth
Love Ballad
Distant Lover
Like a Tattoo
In My Bed
Rescue Me
Thank God I Found You (feat. Joe & Nas) - Make It Last Remix Edit
Get Along With You
Back To Black
Forever My Lady
Careless Whisper
3 Days 3 Hours
The Show (feat. Tank)
Cry For You
Who Is She 2 U - Recall Version
You'll Never Find (a Better Woman)
Never Say Never
Over (feat. 6LACK)
Cherish the Day
Brown Skin
Be Happy
I Couldn't Love You More
Computer Blue
Dear Ben
I Can't
Ready Or Not
Bad Religion
Love vs. Money: Pt. 2
All I Ever Wanted
Breakdown (feat. Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)
thank u, next
No Guidance (feat. Drake)