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Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

The Quarry

Title in Português:

The Quarry

Title in Français:

The Quarry

Title in Türk:

The Quarry

Title in Deutsch:

The Quarry


Moshe (Sasson Gabay), a hard-living quarry worker in 1950s Israel is determined to get back at his boss, Nissim (Uri Gavriel), for stealing the woman he loved back in Casablanca - before either of them had immigrated to Israel. The running feud between the two brings life at the quarry, and at the migrant transit camp where they both currently live to a boiling point.

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The Quarry
Lo Hazak BeMilim
Shmulik Neufeld: Writer
Shmulik Neufeld: Performer
Ira Davir: (closing song) lyrics
Yehuda Tamir: Performer