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The Sisterhood Soundtrack (2004) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Sisterhood

Title in Italiano:

The Sisterhood

Title in Português:

The Sisterhood


Christine (Jennifer Holland) is a psychic co-ed who puts her special powers to work to destroy a coven of sexy sorority witches. Christine's psychology professor (Barbara Crampton) urges her to infiltrate the most elite sorority on their island college campus, a den to torture that is led by an evil sorceress. Does Christine have what it takes to destroy the coven of witches, or will they use mind control to mentally and physically seduce her to the dark side?

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The Sisterhood
These Days
Black Roses Red
Close To U
If God Made You - Radio Remix
Just For You
Closer to You
No Sleep Tonight
I Want You To Know
Be Be Your Love
Sun's Gonna Rise
Always There In You