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Rating: 8.50/10 from 8000 votes
Tags: cotswolds, british slang
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This Country

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This Country

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This Country

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This Country

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This Country

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This Country


This Country is a mockumentary sitcom that follows the lives of two young cousins, Kerry and Kurtan, living in a small village in the Cotswolds. The show explores the mundane and often hilarious aspects of rural life, as Kerry and Kurtan navigate relationships, work, and community events.

As the series progresses, Kerry and Kurtan find themselves caught up in various schemes and misadventures, all while trying to make sense of their place in the world. The show's dry humor and quirky characters have earned it critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

This Country offers a unique and refreshing take on the traditional sitcom format, blending comedy with moments of poignancy and insight. The show's authenticity and relatable characters have resonated with audiences, making it a standout in the world of British television.

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This Country
Dollar Bill Blues
Dust Of The Chase
You Ask Me To
Hate Me
Blood Sweat & Murder
Sleeping on the Blacktop
Playing The Part
You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ
I'm Not Afraid To Die
Outlaw State Of Mind

User reviews

Melissa Brown

The music enhances the comedic moments in the show, adding an extra layer of humor and whimsy to Kerry and Kurtan's misadventures.

Joshua Nelson

The soundtrack of This Country perfectly captures the essence of rural life in the Cotswolds, adding depth and emotion to the show's comedic moments. The music selection enhances the storytelling, creating a vibrant backdrop for Kerry and Kurtan's adventures.

James Walker

The emotional depth and nuance of the soundtrack in This Country elevate the show beyond a typical sitcom, adding layers of complexity and resonance to the characters' journeys. The music becomes a character in itself, enhancing the storytelling and creating a truly immersive viewing experience.

Carol Evans

The soundtrack for This Country felt repetitive and uninspired, often failing to capture the essence of the show's quirky and dry humor. I found myself wishing for more variety in the music choices to better enhance the comedic moments.

Stephanie Jones

The emotional depth of the soundtrack shines through during the more poignant scenes, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reflection that resonates with the audience.

Steven Jackson

The use of generic background music in This Country sometimes felt out of place and disconnected from the rural setting of the show. I believe a more thoughtful selection of songs could have better complemented the on-screen action and helped to further immerse viewers in the world of Kerry and Kurtan.

Michelle Carter

The use of folk-inspired melodies in the soundtrack of This Country adds a sense of authenticity and charm to the series, immersing viewers in the quaint and quirky world of the small village. The music not only complements the on-screen action but also elevates the overall viewing experience.

Elizabeth Brown

The use of traditional folk instruments in the music gives This Country an authentic and rustic feel, transporting viewers to the heart of the English countryside.

Sarah Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of This Country is a key element in bringing the world of Kerry and Kurtan to life, showcasing the talents of the composers and musicians involved in crafting a memorable and evocative musical backdrop for the series.

Steven Nelson

The soundtrack's versatility allows it to seamlessly shift between light-hearted moments and more serious themes, capturing the full range of emotions experienced by the characters.

Charles Allen

The soundtrack's simplicity and understated beauty mirror the show's unassuming nature, making it a perfect complement to the mockumentary format.

John Wright

I appreciate how the soundtrack mirrors the emotional journey of Kerry and Kurtan, from lighthearted moments of camaraderie to poignant reflections on their place in the world, adding an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.

Andrew Lewis

The use of music in This Country is subtle yet effective, enhancing the comedic timing and emotional beats of each scene without overpowering the dialogue or visuals.

John White

The soundtrack of This Country perfectly captures the essence of rural life in the Cotswolds, setting the tone for each episode with its charming and folksy melodies.

Michelle Roberts

The soundtrack of This Country perfectly captures the essence of rural life in the Cotswolds, with a mix of traditional and contemporary folk music that sets the tone for each episode.

William Moore

The music enhances the show's humor and adds depth to the characters, creating a rich and immersive viewing experience that keeps me engaged from start to finish.

Dorothy Martinez

I was disappointed by the lack of memorable or standout tracks in the show's soundtrack. While the mockumentary format and character interactions were engaging, the music felt like an afterthought and failed to leave a lasting impression on me as a viewer.

Daniel Adams

The music in This Country serves as a bridge between the characters and the audience, forming a deeper connection and understanding of Kerry and Kurtan's world.

Jennifer Green

Each track in the soundtrack is carefully curated to enhance the storytelling, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Dorothy Moore

Overall, the music in This Country elevates the viewing experience, adding depth, humor, and heart to an already stellar show.