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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

3 Caminos

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Title in Português:

3 Caminhos

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Attractive, hard-working Lewis 'Lew' Brookbank's love - and professional life came crumbling down after he found his adulterous wife Janice and her lover Dick murdered on a yacht. He moved to a derelict gas station in Carpenteria, where he paints commercial signs. Lew accidentally overhears a couple making love in their car and planning the kidnapping and murder of the man's wife. Lew manages to track them down: jewelry manager Ralph Hagen and antiques shop clerk Isobel Delano. Lew confides in present lover Rita Caswell, needing help with the sinister Herbert Claremont while he plans to blackmail the kidnappers. More complications follow.

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Three Way
Spider-Man - Epic Mashup
Spider-Man Theme - Epic Trailer Version
I'm Spider-Man
Spider-Man 2 Main Title
Becoming Spider-Man
Far From Home Suite Home
He's Back!
Spider-Man '90s Cartoon Main Theme
Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Epic Version
Music from the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Teaser Trailer
I Wanna Be Sedated
Into the Spider-Verse
Bridge and Love's Burning
I'm Electro
What's Up Danger (with Black Caviar)
Only One Spider-Man
The World is Changing
Main Title - Young Peter
Music From The Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Trailer
Visions Brooklyn 1, 2, 3
Original Television Series Theme From "Spider-Man Homecoming"
Spectacular Spider-Man - Main Theme - Epic Version
The Avengers Main Theme - Infinity War Inspired
Marvel's Spider-Man - Video Game Main Theme - Epic Version
Security Guard
Comic Book
Green Goblin Fight
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Collider
Escape the Subway
Mi Amor
Spider Training
Rest in Peace
My Name is.. Peter B. Parker
For the Love of MJ
Peter Enters the Spider-Verse
Cemetery Splat
Catch the S Train
Quantum Physics
Gimme the Goober
Alchemax Infiltration Plan
Alchemax Arrival
Spider-Man Science
Take the Computer and Run
Are You Ready to Swing?
Gwen Enters the Spider-Verse
Kingpin Clicks
Aunt May and the Spider-Shed
The Prowler
Breakdown the House..
.. and Tear off the Roof
On Your Way
The Team Leaves
This Spark in You
Spider-Team Mission