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Rating: 6.30/10 from 41000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Tira a mamá del tren

Title in Italiano:

Getta la mamma dal treno

Title in Português:

Atira a Mamã do Comboio

Title in Français:

Balance maman hors du train

Title in Türk:

Balance maman hors du train


College professor Larry Donner has been having difficulties writing since his former wife Margaret stole his novel and made it a best-seller. He does not hide his hatred for Margaret, upsetting his girlfriend Beth Ryan, an anthropologist teacher in the same college.

While teaching Creative Writing classes, he is stalked by a student, Owen, who wants to know his opinion about his crime tale. Larry tells him that he did not like it and explains that in every mystery tale, the murderer should eliminate the motive and establish an alibi, otherwise he would get caught. Furthermore, Larry suggests that Owen watch Hitchcock's movies to understand the structure of a suspenseful story.

Owen, who wants to kill his detestable mother, watches "Strangers on a Train" and misunderstands Larry's advice, believing that his teacher wants to swap murders to eliminate the motive. Owen travels to Hawaii and Margaret falls overboard while on a ship; vanishing in the sea, she is considered dead.

Larry does not have an alibi and becomes the prime suspect, while the deranged Owen presses him to kill his mother as part of their supposed deal.

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Play Title Artist
Throw Momma from the Train
Frank Gari: Writer
Sipho Mabuse: Writer
Sipho Mabuse: Performer
Main Title; Owen's Story
David Newman: Performer
Lye; Laundromat
David Newman: Performer
Fuggit; Just Like You Told Him; The Phone Call
David Newman: Performer
David Newman: Performer
Swap Murders; There's a Murderer in the House
David Newman: Performer
I'm Buying a Gun, Owen; Margaret's House
David Newman: Performer
The Rock argaret Drives Off; Larry Calms Owen Down
David Newman: Performer
I'm a Fugitive; Margaret Overboard
David Newman: Performer
Drive By and Answer Machine; You're Grounded; Toward the Closet; Momma Snores; In the Pantry
David Newman: Performer
Coin Collection; The Ledge; Car Chase
David Newman: Performer
Owen Finds Dead Larry
David Newman: Performer
Choo-Choo Interruptus; The Train
David Newman: Performer
Larry Writes; The Dream
David Newman: Performer
Owen's Book & Finale
David Newman: Performer

User reviews

Karen Carter

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the dark humor present throughout the film, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Steven Thompson

The use of music in key moments of the movie, such as when Owen misunderstands Larry's advice and sets his plan in motion, is masterfully done, creating a sense of unease and anticipation that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Patricia Roberts

The use of music in key moments of tension adds depth to the characters' emotions and motivations, creating a more immersive viewing experience.

Steven Allen

The choice of instrumentation and melodies in the soundtrack complements the film's themes of betrayal, revenge, and deception.

Daniel Hernandez

The choice of instrumentation in certain scenes effectively conveys the characters' inner turmoil and conflicting motivations.

Nancy Turner

The incorporation of classic suspense music elements pays homage to Hitchcock's influence on the film's plot and themes.

Timothy Rodriguez

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the on-screen action enhances the overall viewing experience, drawing viewers deeper into the story.

Timothy Martinez

Overall, the soundtrack of Throw Momma from the Train is a standout element of the film, contributing significantly to its atmosphere and narrative impact.

Stephanie Brown

The use of eerie and haunting melodies in the background music enhances the sense of unease and tension throughout the film.

Laura Hall

The soundtrack's ability to convey the inner turmoil and conflicting emotions of the characters, especially Larry and Owen, adds depth and complexity to the story, making it a truly immersive and memorable cinematic experience.

Deborah Perez

The soundtrack of Throw Momma from the Train perfectly captures the suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere of the film, enhancing the storytelling.

Thomas White

The subtle use of silence in certain scenes creates a palpable sense of anticipation, heightening the impact of key moments in the narrative.

Michelle Walker

The music in the film effectively underscores the characters' internal conflicts and dilemmas, adding depth to their development.

Ashley Adams

The musical motifs used in the soundtrack cleverly mirror the emotional journey of the characters, adding layers of complexity to their development.

Emily Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of Throw Momma from the Train elevates the film to a higher level of cinematic excellence, making it a memorable and engaging viewing experience.

Joshua Wright

The soundtrack of Throw Momma from the Train showcases the talent and creativity of the composer in crafting music that enhances the storytelling without overpowering it.

Robert Williams

The musical motifs in the soundtrack help to build suspense and anticipation, making the audience more invested in the unfolding events.

William Jones

The soundtrack of Throw Momma from the Train perfectly captures the suspenseful and dark tone of the movie, adding depth to the storytelling.

Nancy Lee

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the dialogue and action on screen, creating a cohesive audio-visual experience for the audience.

David Nelson

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack effectively mirror the psychological unraveling of the characters, particularly Owen and Larry.

David Robinson

The soundtrack features a diverse range of musical styles and moods, reflecting the different layers of the plot and character dynamics in the film.

Andrew Miller

The soundtrack of Throw Momma from the Train perfectly captures the suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere of the film, enhancing every scene with its haunting melodies and tension-building rhythms.