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Rohan asks his manga editor, Minoru Kaigamori, for an advance. To explain why he spent all his money buying forested mountains, Rohan tells him a story which took place there in Mutsukabezaka. Naoko Osato, the daughter of a wealthy family, accidentally killed her lover, the gardner Gunpei, after shoving him onto some golf clubs. Gunpei's body mysteriously continued to bleed from his head wound following his death, so she hid his body in the house. Daily, she disposed of the blood which flowed from his wound, even years after marrying her fiancée. Some time later, Rohan encountered a girl in the area who accidentally tripped in front of him, fatally striking her head which began to bleed. Quickly using his Heaven's Door ability to rewrite her past, he saved her and learned that she was the child of Naoko and Gunpei, born after his death. He realized that she was possessed by a Yokai that he called Mutsukabezaka which propagates itself through descendants . Rohan then used the experience as inspiration for his manga.

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Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Coda: Performer
Yugo Kanno: Composed and arranged
Karen Aoki: Lyrics