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Rating: 7.00/10 from 68000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Los héroes del tiempo

Title in Italiano:

I banditi del tempo

Title in Português:

Os Ladrões do Tempo


Intrigued by history but neglected by his parents, Kevin, an eleven-year-old schoolboy, gets the chance to make his dream come true when a band of six time-travelling dwarfs appears out of thin air in his bedroom.

Having stolen the Supreme Being's one-of-a-kind map of time and space, the audacious time-bandits whisk Kevin off on an exciting journey to the depths of history, skipping from one era to another.

Now, to further complicate matters, the dangerous arch-rival known as the Evil Genius is hot on their trail, bent on getting his hands on the precious map.

But, who would have thought that Kevin's seemingly unexceptional room was the entrance to a mysterious wormhole and the portal to a marvellous world of adventure?

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Time Bandits
Me And My Shadow
Billy Rose: Composer
John Du Prez: Arrangement
Dream Away
Dungeon of Horror
Wine and Roses Waltz
Opening Titles
George Harrison: Performer
Dwarves Entrance
George Harrison: Performer
Supreme Being Music
George Harrison: Performer
Kevin Escapes From Barn
George Harrison: Performer
Castiglione Entrance (Napoleon)
George Harrison: Performer
Sherwood Forest
George Harrison: Performer
Evil's Grotto
George Harrison: Performer
Entrance Into Mycenae
George Harrison: Performer
Escape From “Titanic”
George Harrison: Performer
Time Of Legend
George Harrison: Performer
Ogre Sequence
George Harrison: Performer
Giant Rising Out Of Ocean
George Harrison: Performer
Entrance Into The Fortress Of Darkness
George Harrison: Performer
Map Rescue
George Harrison: Performer
Evil Battle Medley
George Harrison: Performer
Tank Battle
George Harrison: Performer
Evil's End Music
George Harrison: Performer
Ascension Of Supreme Being
George Harrison: Performer
Closing And “Dream Away” (George Harrison)
George Harrison: Performer
THE EXTRA: Maderna's Theme
George Harrison: Performer

User reviews

Susan Davis

The soundtrack of Time Bandits perfectly captures the whimsical and adventurous spirit of the film. The music enhances the fantastical elements of the story and immerses the listener in the journey through time and space.

Timothy Phillips

One of the standout aspects of the Time Bandits soundtrack is its ability to evoke a sense of wonder and awe, perfectly mirroring Kevin's own feelings as he embarks on his unexpected adventure. The music seamlessly weaves together moments of suspense, excitement, and discovery, creating a dynamic and immersive auditory experience that enhances the film's narrative and emotional impact.

Lisa Lee

The musical score of Time Bandits expertly captures the whimsical and fantastical elements of the story, creating a magical atmosphere that keeps me engaged from start to finish. The use of different instruments and musical styles adds depth and richness to the soundtrack, enhancing the overall viewing experience and making it a joy to listen to.

Karen Adams

I found the soundtrack of Time Bandits to be lacking in emotional depth, failing to capture the sense of wonder and adventure that the film portrays. The music felt generic and uninspired, missing the opportunity to enhance the fantastical elements of the story.

Richard King

The soundtrack effectively builds tension and suspense during key moments of the film, enhancing the drama and intrigue of the storyline. The music seamlessly integrates with the visuals, creating a cohesive and compelling audio-visual experience.

Patricia Garcia

The main theme of Time Bandits is memorable and evocative, staying with the listener long after the movie has ended. It effectively conveys the sense of wonder and excitement that permeates the film, making it a standout piece in the soundtrack.

Brian Jones

The use of different musical styles and instruments in the soundtrack adds depth and richness to the overall listening experience. From orchestral pieces to electronic sounds, each track complements the scenes in a unique and captivating way.

Timothy Parker

Additionally, I was disappointed by the repetitive nature of the soundtrack, with certain themes and motifs being overused throughout the film. This made the music feel monotonous and predictable, failing to keep me engaged or excited about the unfolding adventures on screen.

Mary Parker

Overall, the soundtrack of Time Bandits is a cohesive and well-crafted collection of music that enhances the storytelling and emotional impact of the film. It showcases the talent and creativity of the composer, adding an extra layer of magic to an already enchanting movie.

David Evans

The soundtrack of Time Bandits truly transports me through time and space with its captivating melodies and evocative themes. Each track perfectly complements the adventurous spirit of the film, enhancing the storytelling and immersing me in Kevin's exciting journey alongside the time-traveling dwarfs.