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Rating: 3.10/10 from 220 votes
Tags: ghost in a photograph, ghostly figure
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Time of Her Life

Title in Português:

Time of Her Life

Title in Français:

Time of Her Life

Title in Türk:

Time of Her Life

Title in Deutsch:

Time of Her Life


Two ghosts, separated by time, who have roamed the grounds of a historic English mansion, searching for each other are brought together by Ally (LAURA PENNEYCARD), a photography student who is experiencing dreams she can't explain and Emmett (GEOFF SHAW), the son of a wealthy industrialist. Emmett befriends Ally and together they unravel the truth behind the disappearance of his long lost love, Catherine a beautiful servant girl. However, Ally must first overcome her fears of his ghostly appearance before she can help Emmett find Catherine and reunite their love. Shot in the beautiful location of Hylands House, this lavish drama with a supernatural theme, leads you through past and present in a series of spine-chilling nightmares, ghostly appearances and suspenseful chase sequences, which moves into a beautiful romance tale, drawing on all your senses from the outset.

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Time of Her Life
Time of her life