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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

To retire

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To retire

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To retire

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To retire

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To retire

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To retire


To retire

In a penthouse of a petty neighborhood of Athens, Katerina living, her mother and her niece. Katerina is a woman hyperactive, energetic and slightly neurotic. He joined the company "COSMOS Ltd. - Advertising-Broadcasting-Public Relations". Katerina has problems generally in its relations with the people, that creates, primarily, the peculiar character. "Crazy" to call her friends, some micro-explosions but is probably justified by the absurd everyday. The main causes that disturb the nerves of Katerina is the mother's reactions and niece of its relationship with the pharmacist Christos and the negative attitude of the sister of the same subject. In the COSMOS work and Helen, a young and beautiful girl who knows Jason and fall in love. The characters that surround the story is the "classical Greek" mother of Jason, the Helen girlfriend, Haris, the media in all Phoebus coffee maker and many other simple everyday heroes.

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To retire
Holland, 1945
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Anarchy in the U.K.
Helter Skelter - Remastered 2009
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User reviews

Steven Johnson

The choice of melodies and harmonies in the soundtrack helps to highlight the absurdity of everyday situations that Katerina finds herself in. The music creates a sense of whimsy and unpredictability that keeps the audience engaged.

Andrew Hernandez

The music effectively conveys the complex emotions and inner turmoil of the characters, making their experiences feel more relatable and engaging.

Donna Parker

The soundtrack beautifully complements the romantic subplot between Katerina's coworker Helen and Jason, adding depth to their love story.

Susan Green

The soundtrack features a mix of upbeat tracks and more introspective pieces, reflecting the highs and lows of Katerina's experiences. The range of musical styles adds richness and texture to the overall listening experience.

Karen Evans

The soundtrack of To retire is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the energy and neuroticism of Katerina's character. The music enhances every scene, creating a sense of tension and excitement that keeps you engaged throughout the film.

Joshua Baker

The use of Greek-inspired melodies adds an authentic touch to the overall atmosphere of the film.

Ashley Phillips

The soundtrack perfectly complements the narrative of To Retire, enhancing the emotional impact of key moments in the story. The music serves as a powerful storytelling tool, guiding the audience through Katerina's journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Elizabeth Moore

The soundtrack of To Retire is a perfect reflection of Katerina's hyperactive and slightly neurotic personality. The music is energetic and fast-paced, mirroring the character's inner turmoil and constant movement.

James King

The use of different instruments in the soundtrack adds depth and complexity to the overall listening experience. From lively strings to electronic beats, the music captures the essence of the story and its characters.

Amanda Clark

The music enhances the storytelling by reflecting the micro-explosions and absurd everyday moments in Katerina's life.

Paul Scott

The variety of musical styles and instruments used in the soundtrack adds richness and diversity to the overall listening experience.

Melissa Jones

The soundtrack effectively conveys the tension and conflicts within Katerina's relationships with her mother, niece, and other characters. The emotional depth of the music enhances the audience's understanding of the dynamics at play in the story.

Michael Adams

The soundtrack of To Retire perfectly captures the energetic and slightly neurotic personality of Katerina, the main character.

Kenneth Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of To Retire is a standout element that elevates the film and enhances the viewer's emotional connection to the story.

Margaret Carter

The composition of the soundtrack is truly impressive, blending traditional Greek elements with modern sounds to create a unique and memorable musical experience. Each track perfectly complements the emotions and dynamics of the story, adding depth and richness to the overall viewing experience.

Mary Clark

The soundtrack creates a sense of tension and unease, mirroring Katerina's struggles with her relationships and personal challenges.

James Garcia

Overall, the soundtrack of To Retire is a dynamic and engaging musical accompaniment to the story. It effectively captures the essence of the characters and their relationships, creating a memorable and immersive viewing experience.