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Rating: 5.70/10 from 1100 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Pethaino gia sena!

Title in Italiano:

I'm Dying for You!

Title in Português:

I'm Dying for You!


After nearly two decades of married life, the former ballet dancer and modern mother, Zoe, is starting to feel her once-ardent passion for her uncouth traffic-officer husband, Loukas, wane.

Juggling domestic responsibilities and work, on top of that, the indefatigable matriarch has to deal with the idiosyncrasies of her clever but stone-deaf mother, and above all, the insecurities of her teenage son, Vagelis.

Then, out of the blue, the charismatic physics tutor, Apostolis, enters the picture, taking Zoe by surprise with his effortless charm.

Now, Zoe finds herself with her back to the wall, unable to tame the onslaught of long-forgotten emotions that are starting to take her over.

But, Zoe deserves a second chance at love. Will she manage to get out of the tight spot?

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I'm Dying for You!

User reviews

Kenneth Williams

The score effectively conveys the struggles of balancing domestic responsibilities and personal desires that Zoe experiences throughout the film.

Deborah Jackson

The use of different musical motifs for each character adds depth to the storytelling and enhances the audience's understanding of their personalities and dynamics.

David Walker

The soundtrack beautifully mirrors the bittersweet moments of Zoe's interactions with her mother, adding a layer of poignancy to their relationship.

Susan Baker

The entrance of Apostolis is accompanied by a captivating melody that perfectly encapsulates Zoe's feelings of surprise and intrigue.

Andrew Campbell

The music during the scenes with Zoe's son, Vagelis, effectively portrays the insecurities and challenges of adolescence, creating a relatable atmosphere.

Stephanie Scott

Overall, the band soundtrack of I'm Dying for You! enriches the film with its emotional depth and thematic resonance, making it a truly memorable musical experience.

John Brown

The music underscores Zoe's journey towards reclaiming her sense of self and deserving a second chance at love, evoking a sense of hope and empowerment.

Ronald Harris

The band soundtrack skillfully builds tension as Zoe faces her inner conflicts and long-forgotten emotions, drawing the audience deeper into her internal struggle.

Stephanie Walker

The soundtrack's blend of traditional and contemporary elements mirrors the clash of old and new values that Zoe grapples with in the film.

Betty Walker

The music effectively conveys the complexity of Zoe's inner struggles and conflicts as she navigates her relationships with her family and the new character, Apostolis.

Brian Martinez

The band soundtrack of I'm Dying for You! perfectly captures the emotional journey of Zoe as she navigates through the complexities of her relationships.

George Evans

The music enhances the tension and passion between Zoe and Loukas, adding depth to their evolving dynamic.

Margaret Moore

The soundtrack of I'm Dying for You! perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster that Zoe goes through in her journey towards rediscovering passion and love.

Stephanie Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of I'm Dying for You! enhances the viewing experience and contributes significantly to the narrative's depth and resonance.

William Mitchell

The instrumental pieces, especially during pivotal moments in the plot, intensify the emotional impact and draw the viewer deeper into Zoe's world.