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Rating: 7.30/10 from 17000 votes
Tags: pixelated nudity, reference to daniel tosh
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Tosh.0, a show by Comedy Central, is a weekly show starring comedian Daniel Tosh. Each week we are introduced with an opening clip that features a funny video which then rolls to the Tosh.0 title. After that, we are introduced with Daniel Tosh making a mark about the first video along with finding the layout of tonight's show.

The first "sequence" of the show includes a few videos joked about by Tosh then ends with the Video Breakdown for that week. The Video Breakdown is a segment in which Tosh "breakdowns" (hence the name) the video with a series of jokes.

Then once in the second sequence we "meet" the contender for the week's Web Redemption where Tosh gives a person (or group) a chance to redeem themselves from the embarrassing moment they had. In the third and fourth sequence of the show we are always introduced to a new segment to the show ranging from show challenges to "Twispers" (Twitter Whispers) but is always changing.

Also within the 3rd sequence we get the chance to see the Viewer Video of the Week which is a viewer submitted clip of a, you could say, hilarious 8 seconds of fame. After Tosh is done with the show we get a pan out that includes the infamous green screen.

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User reviews

Daniel Harris

The music selection enhances the viewing experience by creating a playful atmosphere that complements Daniel Tosh's witty commentary and the show's overall concept.

Dorothy Phillips

The soundtrack of Tosh.0 perfectly captures the energetic and comedic tone of the show, setting the stage for each episode's humor and entertainment.

Donald Parker

The use of background music during Video Breakdown segments adds to the comedic effect, enhancing the humor of Tosh's commentary on the featured videos.

Brian Hill

The soundtrack effectively builds anticipation for the Web Redemption segment, creating a sense of excitement as viewers await the redemption of individuals from their embarrassing moments.

Kenneth Roberts

The music played during the show challenges and other segments adds variety to the soundtrack, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the entire episode.

Emily Wilson

The soundtrack of Tosh.0 adds a perfect blend of energy and humor to the show. The upbeat and lively tunes during the opening clip and transitions keep the audience engaged and set the tone for the comedic content ahead.

Ashley Parker

The theme song of Tosh.0 is catchy and memorable, instantly recognizable to fans of the show and serving as a fitting introduction to each episode.

Ashley Lopez

The transition music between segments is well-chosen, smoothly guiding viewers through different parts of the show while maintaining a cohesive feel.

Karen Davis

The music choices for the Video Breakdown segment are spot on, enhancing the comedic timing and delivery of Daniel Tosh's jokes. The soundtrack complements the humor in a way that elevates the overall viewing experience, making it even more enjoyable and entertaining.

Brian Young

The repetitive use of the same tracks throughout the episodes becomes monotonous and distracting, making it difficult to fully engage with the content being presented. The lack of diversity in the music selection leaves much to be desired in terms of creativity and innovation.

Linda King

The soundtrack of Tosh.0 lacks originality and fails to enhance the comedic elements of the show. The music choices feel generic and uninspired, contributing little to the overall viewing experience.

George Green

The inclusion of viewer-submitted clips in the Viewer Video of the Week segment is complemented by a soundtrack that highlights the humorous nature of the videos, engaging the audience further.

Thomas Rodriguez

Overall, the soundtrack of Tosh.0 plays a crucial role in enhancing the comedic elements of the show, contributing to its success in delivering laughter and entertainment to viewers each week.