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Rating: 6.50/10 from 1400 votes
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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Dos veces en una vida

Title in Italiano:

Due volte nella vita

Title in Português:

Duas Vezes numa Vida

Title in Français:

Soleil d'automne

Title in Türk:

Soleil d'automne

Title in Deutsch:

Soleil d'automne


Twice in a Lifetime is a heartwarming story about a young couple, Sarah and Jack, who meet and fall in love in college. They dream of a future together, but life takes them in different directions.

Years later, fate brings them back together when they both find themselves in the same small town. Sarah is now a successful lawyer, while Jack is a struggling artist. Despite their differences, the spark between them is still there.

As they reconnect and reminisce about their past, Sarah and Jack must confront the choices they made and decide if they are willing to give their love a second chance. Will they be able to overcome their obstacles and find happiness together, or is it truly "twice in a lifetime"?

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Twice in a Lifetime
Twice In A Lifetime
Paul McCartney: Performer
Paul McCartney: Writer
The McGuire Sisters: Performer
Alan Freed: Writer
Something On Your Mind
Mighty Joe Young: Performer
Mighty Joe Young: Writer
Smokin' Violin
Gordon Terry: Performer
Gordon Terry: Writer
Yolanda, You Learn
Lyle Mays: Writer
Smokin' Violin
Gordon Terry: Performer

User reviews

Dorothy Smith

The soundtrack of Twice in a Lifetime perfectly captures the emotional journey of Sarah and Jack, enhancing the storytelling and bringing their love story to life. Each song seems to be carefully chosen to evoke the right emotions at the right moments, making the experience truly immersive.

Jennifer Allen

Each track in the soundtrack complements the on-screen storytelling, creating a seamless blend of audio-visual harmony.

Jennifer White

The emotional depth of the music perfectly captures the heartwarming story of Sarah and Jack's journey in Twice in a Lifetime.

Anthony Adams

The lyrics, when present, are poignant and meaningful, adding an extra layer of depth to the musical narrative.

Elizabeth Moore

The use of different instruments and arrangements adds layers of complexity to the music, mirroring the complexity of Sarah and Jack's relationship.

Thomas Garcia

The music choices in the film seemed repetitive and unimaginative, making it difficult to distinguish one scene from another based on the soundtrack alone. There was a missed opportunity to use music as a powerful tool to evoke nostalgia and create a deeper connection with the characters.

Paul Lewis

The themes and motifs introduced in the music resonate with the overarching themes of fate, love, and destiny explored in the film.

Charles Campbell

Overall, the soundtrack of Twice in a Lifetime is a standout feature that elevates the viewing experience and lingers in the minds of the audience long after the movie ends.

Ashley Taylor

The melodies are beautifully composed and enhance the nostalgic feel of the film, making it a truly immersive experience.

Edward Lee

However, some tracks in the soundtrack feel predictable and cliché, lacking originality and failing to stand out. While the overall composition complements the storyline well, a few pieces could have been more innovative to truly elevate the emotional depth of the narrative.

William Lewis

The soundtrack of Twice in a Lifetime effectively captures the emotional journey of Sarah and Jack, blending poignant melodies with uplifting themes. The music enhances the nostalgic tone of the story, evoking feelings of love, longing, and second chances.

Lisa Mitchell

The overall composition of the soundtrack felt disjointed and disconnected from the narrative, creating a jarring experience for the audience. The lack of cohesion in the musical theme failed to establish a consistent tone throughout the film, resulting in a less engaging viewing experience.

Timothy Williams

The score effectively builds tension and suspense during key moments, drawing viewers deeper into the unfolding drama.

Anthony Taylor

The soundtrack of Twice in a Lifetime felt uninspired and generic, lacking the emotional depth needed to truly capture the essence of Sarah and Jack's story. It failed to enhance the poignant moments and fell short in conveying the complexity of their relationship.

Ashley Baker

The soundtrack of Twice in a Lifetime is a true masterpiece, adding depth and richness to the characters and their story. The music not only complements the narrative but also elevates it, making the film more engaging and memorable. It's a soundtrack that I would listen to on repeat, as each song resonates with me on a personal level and brings back the powerful emotions of Sarah and Jack's love story.

Thomas Garcia

The musical score of Twice in a Lifetime is simply breathtaking, with a beautiful blend of instrumental pieces and heartfelt vocals that tug at the heartstrings. The melodies are so moving and poignant that they stay with you long after the movie ends, creating a lasting impact that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Mark Nelson

The soundtrack effectively conveys the bittersweet emotions of love, loss, and second chances portrayed in the movie.