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Twin Falls Idaho Soundtrack (1999) cover

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Tags: reference to zeus the greek deity
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Twin Falls Idaho

Title in Italiano:

Twin Falls Idaho

Title in Português:

Vida Comum

Title in Français:

Les frères Falls

Title in Türk:

Les frères Falls

Title in Deutsch:

Les frères Falls


Francis and Blake Falls are conjoined twins who live in a neat little room in a rundown hotel. While sharing some organs, Blake is always fit and Francis is very sickly. Into their world comes a young lady, who turns their world upside down. She gets involved with Blake, and convinces the two to attend a Halloween party, where they can pass themselves off as wearing a costume. Eventually Francis becomes really ill, and they have to be separated. They then face the physical and mental strains that come from their proposed separation. Viewers will be inclined to believe that the two are really Siamese twins, but in fact they are simply real-life brothers playing the parts convincingly.

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Twin Falls Idaho
Fong Naam: Performer
Intense Dub
Mystery Dub
Edge Test One
When Did You Leave Heaven
Richard A. Whiting: Writer
Lisa Ekdahl: Performer
Jon Gries: Writer
Mark Polish: Performer
How Great Thou Art
Carl Gustav Boberg: Traditional swedish tune, lyrics
Don't Grow