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Rating: 6.80/10 from 285 votes
Tags: anthropomorphic horse
Alternate Names:
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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a Japanese multimedia project that includes an anime series, a mobile game, and a manga. The story revolves around Uma Musume, anthropomorphized horse girls who possess the spirit of famous racehorses. These girls compete in a sport called "Twinkle Series", where they race against each other to become the best horse girl in Japan.

The main character, Special Week, is a young horse girl who dreams of becoming the greatest Uma Musume in the world. She enrolls in Tracen Academy, a prestigious school for horse girls, where she trains and competes in races to achieve her goal. Along the way, she forms friendships with other horse girls and faces challenges that test her determination and skills.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby combines elements of sports, drama, and friendship to create a heartwarming and exciting story about perseverance and friendship. The series has gained a large following in Japan and has been praised for its charming characters and engaging storyline.

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User reviews

John Harris

The soundtrack showcases a variety of musical styles and genres, catering to different moods and atmospheres within the series, enhancing the overall diversity of the viewing experience.

Steven Rodriguez

The music enhances the emotional moments in the series, adding depth and resonance to the relationships between the characters and their struggles to achieve their dreams.

Andrew Davis

The emotional resonance of certain musical pieces in the anime evokes a sense of empathy and connection with the characters, making their struggles and triumphs feel more personal and relatable.

Joshua Robinson

The musical compositions in the anime effectively convey the emotions and struggles of the characters, adding depth to their personal journeys and growth.

Timothy Jackson

The use of upbeat and lively tracks during racing scenes creates a sense of thrill and adrenaline, immersing the audience in the intensity of the Twinkle Series competitions.

Kimberly Lewis

Nancy Adams

Additionally, I felt that the repetitive use of certain musical motifs throughout the series became monotonous and tedious. It seemed like the composers relied too heavily on a few key themes, resulting in a lack of variety and dynamic range in the overall soundtrack.

Stephanie Jackson

The theme songs of the anime are catchy and memorable, reflecting the determination and spirit of the Uma Musume as they strive for victory on the racetrack.

Anthony Wright

The music in the series seamlessly integrates with the animation, enhancing the overall viewing experience and immersing the audience in the world of Uma Musume.