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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La chica del valle

Title in Italiano:

La ragazza di San Diego

Title in Português:

A Rapariga de Los Angeles


Valley Girl tells the story of Julie Richman (Deborah Foreman), a sweet-natured but shallow Valley Girl. After breaking up with her jerk boyfriend Tommy (Michael Bowen), she finds herself at her friend Suzi Brent's (Michelle Meyrink) party, which is described as "the social event of the season".

At the party, two boys from Hollywood crash the scene. One of them is the sensitive and adventurous Randy (Nicolas Cage), who immediately becomes smitten with Julie, and she with him. However, Julie's friends are not supportive of their relationship because Randy is from "Holly-weird" and they want Julie to get back together with Tommy.

Julie is faced with a dilemma - she must decide whether to follow her heart and be with the boy she loves, or seek the approval of her friends. Meanwhile, a side story involves Suzi and her stepmom (Lee Purcell) competing for the attention of Skip (David Ensor), the grocery delivery boy.

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Valley Girl
Everywhere at Once
A Million Miles Away
Oldest Story in the World
He Could Be the One
Johnny Are You Queer?
School Is In
Girls Like Me
Shelley's Boyfriend
Eyes of a Stranger
Love My Way
Angst in My Pants
Who Can It Be Now?
I Melt With You
Electric Avenue
I La-La-La Love You
She Talks in Stereo
Time to Win
Eaten by the Monster of Love
A Town Called Malice
Rock The Casbah
He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
The Fanatic

User reviews

Robert Anderson

The diverse selection of songs in the soundtrack reflects the eclectic tastes of the characters in the movie, adding depth to their personalities and the overall plot.

Susan Johnson

The soundtrack serves as a time capsule of 80s pop culture, featuring a mix of new wave, punk, and rock songs that reflect the rebellious spirit of the era.

Emily Lee

The soundtrack of Valley Girl is an absolute gem that perfectly captures the fun and energetic spirit of the 80s. Each song is carefully chosen to enhance the scenes and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Elizabeth Miller

The use of iconic tracks like I Melt with You by Modern English and Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper adds a layer of authenticity to the movie, making it a joy to listen to even outside of watching the film.

Donald Scott

The musical choices in the film showcase the clash between the Valley Girl culture and the Hollywood scene, highlighting the tension and excitement of the characters' interactions.

James Thompson

The soundtrack of Valley Girl perfectly captures the vibrant and carefree atmosphere of the 1980s, with upbeat and catchy tunes that make you want to dance.

Paul Wright

Overall, the soundtrack of Valley Girl is a crucial element that contributes to the film's charm and authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on viewers with its memorable music selections.

Dorothy Hall

The soundtrack of Valley Girl effectively transports the audience back to the 1980s, with iconic tracks that are both fun and sentimental, enhancing the viewing experience.

Kenneth Davis

The use of music in the film enhances the storytelling, particularly during key romantic scenes between Julie and Randy, creating a nostalgic and romantic mood.

Elizabeth Campbell

The variety of music genres represented in the soundtrack, from new wave to pop, creates a dynamic listening experience that keeps you engaged throughout the movie. It's a testament to the thoughtful curation of the music in Valley Girl.

Michelle Hill

Overall, the soundtrack of Valley Girl not only complements the storyline but also elevates the emotional impact of the characters' experiences. It's a soundtrack that stands the test of time and continues to be a beloved aspect of the film for many fans.

Susan Hill

Some of the standout tracks in the soundtrack, like I Melt with You by Modern English, evoke a sense of longing and youthful innocence that resonates with the themes of the film.

Margaret Roberts

The songs in Valley Girl not only complement the plot and characters but also serve as a commentary on the social dynamics and relationships depicted in the film.