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Tags: man refuses sex
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Conociendo a los Riley

Title in Italiano:

Welcome to the Rileys

Title in Português:

Corações Perdidos

Title in Français:

Welcome to the Rileys

Title in Türk:

Welcome to the Rileys

Title in Deutsch:

Willkommen bei den Rileys


Welcome to the Rileys tells the story of a married couple who tragically loses their 15-year-old daughter in a car accident. The daughter and her boyfriend had run away after Lois, the mother, went looking for them.

Doug, Lois's husband, meets a young girl at a club who claims to be 22 and a stripper. However, he soon discovers that she is actually a 16-year-old runaway. Doug decides to help her by improving her living situation and teaching her proper language.

When Lois meets the girl, she becomes upset as the girl reminds her of her own daughter, but in a troubling situation as a prostitute. The couple then work together to try and help the girl create a better life for herself.

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Welcome to the Rileys
The Honeydripper
Dr. John: Performer
U.R.A. Fever
The Kills: Performer
Jamie Hince: Writer
Ying Yang Twins: Performer
Kaine: Writer
Le Disko
Stephen Petree: Writer
Shiny Toy Guns: Performer
English Suite No. 3 in G Minor: Gavotte 1
Just A Little While To Stay Here
Dr. A
Going Up The Country
Alan Wilson: Writer
Kitty Daisy & Lewis: Performer
Go Down, Sunshine
Odetta: Performer
Dick Wellstod: Traditional, arranged
Teenager's Prayer
Joe Simon: Performer
New Island Midnight
Dr. John: Writer
Dr. John: Performer
Kaine: Performer
Teenager's Prayer
Joe Simon: Performer

User reviews

Michael Robinson

The instrumental pieces in the soundtrack convey a sense of introspection and introspection, mirroring the characters' journey towards self-discovery.

David Anderson

Each track in the soundtrack seems carefully selected to reflect the characters' inner turmoil and personal growth throughout the film.

Steven Martin

The soundtrack seamlessly blends different music genres, adding layers of complexity and richness to the overall listening experience.

Emily Roberts

The soundtrack of Welcome to the Rileys felt disconnected from the emotional depth of the storyline. The music failed to convey the raw pain and grief experienced by the characters after the loss of their daughter, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the narrative.

John White

The contrast between the somber, melancholic tracks and the moments of hope and resilience in the film is expertly reflected in the soundtrack, creating a compelling musical journey.

Joseph Baker

The score beautifully complements the themes of redemption and compassion present in the story, evoking a sense of hope and resilience.

Betty Carter

The soundtrack's poignant compositions add depth and richness to the storytelling, elevating the overall impact of the film.

Michael Martinez

The music effectively sets the tone for the film, immersing the audience in the characters' struggles and inner turmoil.

Betty Roberts

The music helps to establish the film's somber tone while also providing moments of solace and reflection for the characters and the audience.

Lisa Evans

The use of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics enhances the emotional impact of key scenes, making them even more powerful and memorable.

Laura Perez

The soundtrack's use of melancholic melodies and haunting harmonies adds a layer of complexity to the film's narrative, creating a more immersive viewing experience.

Paul Williams

The emotional depth of the Welcome to the Rileys soundtrack perfectly captures the grief and healing process of the characters after the tragic loss of their daughter.

David Jones

The choice of songs in the soundtrack often felt jarring and out of place, disrupting the mood of the scenes rather than enhancing them. Instead of complementing the themes of redemption and healing, certain tracks seemed to detract from the emotional impact of pivotal moments in the film.

Ashley Martin

The use of subtle piano melodies and gentle strings in the soundtrack creates a poignant atmosphere that lingers long after the film has ended.

Charles Clark

Overall, the Welcome to the Rileys soundtrack is a masterful blend of emotion and storytelling, enhancing the film's narrative and leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Nancy Hall

The soundtrack of Welcome to the Rileys perfectly captures the emotional depth and complexity of the film's story. The music enhances the poignant moments of loss and redemption, creating a powerful connection with the audience.

Patricia Allen

The use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack adds a layer of subtlety and nuance to the narrative, allowing the audience to immerse themselves fully in the characters' journey. The music beautifully underscores the themes of love, loss, and hope, making it a truly memorable and impactful listening experience.

Amanda Davis

The soundtrack of Welcome to the Rileys perfectly captures the emotional depth of the film's storyline, especially the overwhelming sense of loss and redemption.

Joshua Gonzalez

The music enhances the raw and intimate moments between the characters, allowing the audience to connect on a profound level with their emotions.

Daniel Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of Welcome to the Rileys is a significant contributing factor to the film's success, effectively capturing the essence of the characters' emotional journey.

Michael Brown

While the film delves into complex themes of loss, redemption, and human connection, the soundtrack lacked the subtlety and nuance needed to elevate these themes to a more profound level. The music sometimes felt generic and uninspired, failing to capture the nuances of the characters' emotional journeys.