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Rating: 7.00/10 from 488000 votes
Tags: stripper, female removes her clothes, striptease, spider bite, fake family
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Somos los Miller

Title in Italiano:

Come ti spaccio la famiglia

Title in Português:

Trip de Família


If you're a soccer mom in search of some reefer, David Burke (Sudeikis) is just the man to talk to. He certainly isn't the biggest dealer in town, but he's discreet, and aims to please. When David attempts to perform a good deed and gets robbed in the process, however, his supplier Brad (Ed Helms) is none too happy. Now, in order to pay Brad back before the hammer drops, David must retrieve a big drug shipment from Mexico and sneak back across the border undetected. It's a risky job for sure, but with the help of a few neighbors David might just pull it off. With sardonic stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston) assuming the role of housewife, teenage misfit Kenny (Will Poulter) posing as the awkward son, and rebellious Casey (Emma Roberts) filling in as his sister, David slips on some khakis, and starts heading south. Meanwhile, as David tries to convince himself that the border patrol wouldn't give a second glance at such a typical suburban family, the shipment -- and the stakes -- both prove greater than anticipated.

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We're the Millers
Teddy Sinclair: Writer
Teddy Sinclair: Performer
Shake It Sleazy
Ronald J. Webb: Writer
Ronald J. Webb: Performer
Waiting At Home
Ronald J. Webb: Writer
Ronald J. Webb: Performer
Boner Garage
Ronald J. Webb: Writer
Ronald J. Webb: Performer
I'm A Man
Bo Diddley: Writer
Stroke Me
Mickey Avalon: Writer
Mickey Avalon: Performer
Billy Squier: Performer
Wild Child
Juliet Simms: Performer
Rick Ross: Performer
Put The Gun Down
ZZ Ward: Writer
ZZ Ward: Performer
South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
Shakey Ground
Werk Me
Sweet Emotion
I'll Be There For You

User reviews

Betty Clark

The soundtrack of We're the Millers felt out of place and uninspired. The music choices didn't enhance the scenes or add any emotional depth to the story. It failed to capture the essence of the characters and the situations they were in.

George Taylor

The incorporation of popular tracks adds a fun and energetic vibe to the movie, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

Kimberly Walker

The soundtrack of We're the Millers perfectly captures the adventurous and comedic tone of the film. The energetic and upbeat songs enhance the humor and excitement of the storyline, making it a joy to listen to while watching the movie.

Charles Smith

The use of popular tracks from various eras helps create a nostalgic and familiar atmosphere, making the movie feel relatable to viewers.

Melissa Davis

The catchy tunes featured in We're the Millers stay with you long after the movie ends, further solidifying the film's impact on the audience.

Robert Lee

The soundtrack effectively complements the on-screen action, building tension during suspenseful moments and adding humor to comedic scenes.

Mark Lee

The soundtrack of We're the Millers perfectly captures the adventurous and comedic tone of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Steven Anderson

The blend of different music genres in the soundtrack keeps things interesting and dynamic, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Dorothy Brown

Overall, the soundtrack of We're the Millers is a standout feature of the film, showcasing the importance of music in enhancing the storytelling and emotional impact.

Melissa Harris

The diverse selection of music in the soundtrack of We're the Millers adds depth and personality to the characters and scenes. From classic rock hits to modern pop tracks, each song fits seamlessly into the narrative, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience that complements the on-screen action.

Steven Scott

The choice of songs in the movie reflects the characters' personalities and the situations they find themselves in, adding depth to the storytelling.

Thomas Baker

Overall, the soundtrack of We're the Millers is a standout aspect of the film that showcases the importance of music in enhancing storytelling and creating a memorable viewing experience.

Daniel Thompson

The soundtrack effectively captures the spirit of the characters, with each song contributing to the development of their personalities and relationships.

Deborah Young

The songs selected for key moments in the movie seemed generic and cliché, lacking originality and creativity. It felt like the music was just thrown in without much thought or consideration for how it would impact the overall viewing experience.

Jennifer Campbell

The soundtrack of We're the Millers perfectly complements the film's mix of comedy and action, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Emily Thomas

The selection of songs is diverse and eclectic, ranging from classic hits to modern tracks, catering to a wide range of musical preferences.

Robert Jones

The use of music in key scenes helps to build tension and create a sense of urgency, adding depth to the storyline.