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Rating: 7.20/10 from 100000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Corazón salvaje

Title in Italiano:

Cuore selvaggio

Title in Português:

Um Coração Selvagem


Knowing that the greedy hands of Sailor--the worthless, snakeskin-clad lover of her young daughter Lula--are all over her lithe body, Lula's hysterical and domineering mother, Marietta, sends a pitiless assassin to wipe him out.

Instead, after serving 22 months and 18 days in jail, the raven-haired, number-one fan of legendary Elvis Presley reunites with rebellious 20-year-old Lula.

And as Sailor breaks his probation, off they go on the adventure of a lifetime in a black 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible.

Now, the endless, gasoline-scented stretches of road become a living canvas of impatient passion, fateful encounters, crafty double-crosses, and unbridled violence.

However, sleazy and murderous characters are hell-bent on putting an end to the ardent, lovers-on-the-run romance.

The long road to redemption is treacherous, and the fugitives of love are running out of money faster than expected.

Can there be salvation when you are wild at heart?

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Wild at Heart
Slaughter House
Joel DuBay: Writer
In The Mood
Joe Garland: Writer
Glenn Miller: Performer
Love Me
First Movement
Smoke Rings
Up In Flames
Buried Alive
Avant du mourir
Far Away Chant
Love Me Tender
Im Abendrot
Baby Please Don't Go
Wicked Game
Blue Spanish Sky
In The Heat Of The Jungle
Baby Please Don't Go
Big Joe Williams: Performer

User reviews

Kimberly Phillips

The lack of cohesive theme or musical motifs made it difficult to connect with the characters on a deeper level, leaving the audience feeling disconnected and disengaged from the story.

Patricia Allen

The soundtrack's energy and rhythm mirror the characters' restless and impulsive nature.

Karen Johnson

The music choices felt out of place and disjointed, disrupting the flow of the narrative and failing to enhance the overall viewing experience.

William Green

The combination of rockabilly, blues, and country music creates a unique and gritty atmosphere that mirrors the characters' rebellious spirits.

Jennifer Parker

The music sets the tone for the film's intense and unpredictable storyline.

Donna Jones

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of freedom and danger that comes with being on the run.

Donna Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Wild at Heart failed to capture the emotional intensity and raw passion of the film's storyline.

Elizabeth Scott

Overall, the soundtrack of Wild at Heart is a vital component that elevates the film's impact and emotional resonance.

Margaret Hernandez

Overall, the soundtrack of Wild at Heart is a powerful and evocative companion to the film, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Joseph Evans

The use of iconic songs from the 50s and 60s adds a nostalgic and timeless quality to the film.

Nancy Mitchell

The music seamlessly weaves in and out of the narrative, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Margaret Martinez

Each song in the soundtrack enhances the atmosphere of the film, creating a seamless blend of emotions that intensify the on-screen action.

Patricia Robinson

Each track enhances the emotional depth of the characters, making their struggles and desires feel more real.

Melissa Perez

The soundtrack of Wild at Heart perfectly captures the chaotic and passionate journey of Sailor and Lula.

Nancy Jones

The music selection adds a layer of depth to the characters' struggles and desires, making their journey even more compelling and engaging for the audience.

Richard Campbell

The band soundtrack of Wild at Heart perfectly captures the essence of the film's wild and passionate journey.