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Rating: 6.80/10 from 1800 votes
Tags: operation condor, reference to che guevara, nude dancing, male in underwear
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Wild Tango

Title in Português:

Tango Feroz


Rock singer Jose Alberto Cruz, nicknamed Tango, is the young man whose music and rebelliousness inspire a generation during the late 1960s in Buenos Aires.

Charismatic and sexy, Tango draws hoards of young people to steamy underground nightclubs by singing of love and freedom, loyalty and peace.

Tango shares the activist views of the students, but he is the product of the "barrio" (hood), where persecution and torture are a way of life.

While being detained by the police for his participation in a student demonstration, Tango meets Mariana, a student committed to freedom but tied to her bourgeois past.

Overcoming their class differences, Tango and Mariana fall in love, only to be dealt a devastating blow when the chief of police tries to use Tango as a pawn in his battle to uncover the leaders of the growing youth movement.

Despite the brutality and despair of his prison experiences, Tango bravely fights on, living in the hope of being free and reunited with Mariana.

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Play Title Artist
Wild Tango
El Amor Es Más Fuerte
Presente (El Momento en Que Estás)
Tango Feroz
Amor de Primavera
Me Gusta Ese Tajo
11 Y 6
El amor después del amor
Seguir Viviendo Sin Tu Amor
Juntos a la Par
Rasguña las Piedras
Canción para Mi Muerte
Mil Horas
Crímenes perfectos
Muchacha (Ojos de Papel)
Mi enfermedad
Te quiero igual
Un Pacto - Live In Buenos Aires / 2001
Mi Caramelo - Live In Buenos Aires / 2001
Todas las Hojas Son del Viento
Estadio Azteca
Plegaria para un Niño Dormido
A Primera Vista
Cancion para los Días de la Vida
Nada es para siempre
Ya No Hay Forma De Pedir Perdon (Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word)
Solo Se Trata de Vivir
Maravillosa Esta Noche (Wonderful Tonight)
Todo Mi Amor
Fuiste lo mejor
El Che y Los Rolling Stones
Donde Quiera Que Estes
Una canción de despedida
Fue Amor
Spaghetti del Rock
Rutas Argentinas
La Vida Es Una Moneda
Himno De Mi Corazón
Lamento Boliviano
Ando Ganas (Llora Llora)
La Muralla Verde
Pepe Lui
Cable A Tierra
Lunes Por La Madrugada
Tu Amor

User reviews

Joseph Carter

The soundtrack of Wild Tango captures the raw energy and rebellious spirit of the late 1960s in Buenos Aires, transporting listeners to the steamy underground nightclubs where Tango's music inspires a generation.

Michael Lopez

The music in the film not only sets the mood but also serves as a reflection of the social and political climate of the time, adding depth to the narrative.

George Young

The music beautifully conveys the themes of love, freedom, loyalty, and peace that are central to Tango's lyrics, making the audience feel deeply connected to the characters' struggles and triumphs.

Edward Martinez

The soundtrack of Wild Tango fails to capture the raw emotion and intensity of the 1960s Buenos Aires setting. The music lacks depth and fails to evoke the rebellious spirit of the era.

Deborah Thomas

The fusion of rock and traditional Argentine tango elements in the soundtrack creates a unique and powerful sound that enhances the storytelling.

Mary Thompson

Overall, the soundtrack of Wild Tango is a vital component of the film, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the world of the characters.

Betty Williams

The music in the film evokes a sense of passion and defiance, mirroring the protagonist Tango's struggle for freedom and justice.

Matthew Jackson

The songs in Wild Tango feel disconnected from the storyline and characters, making it difficult to emotionally connect with the struggles and triumphs of Tango and Mariana. The music feels like an afterthought rather than a crucial element of the film.

Brian White

The music in Wild Tango not only sets the tone for the tumultuous love story between Tango and Mariana but also serves as a powerful narrative device, reflecting the political and social turmoil of the era. From the haunting ballads that convey the despair of Tango's prison experiences to the anthems of hope and resilience that underscore his unwavering fight for freedom, the soundtrack is a masterful blend of emotion and storytelling that elevates the film to a whole new level.

Linda Hernandez

The emotional depth of the songs in Wild Tango adds layers of complexity to the characters' relationships and inner turmoil.

Betty Young

The soundtrack of Wild Tango captures the raw energy and passion of the late 1960s in Buenos Aires, with rock singer Jose Alberto Cruz's powerful voice bringing to life the spirit of rebellion and freedom that inspired a generation. Each song resonates with the themes of love, loyalty, and peace, drawing listeners into the steamy underground nightclubs where Tango's charismatic and sexy performances captivate hoards of young people seeking an escape from the harsh realities of life in the barrio.

Robert Perez

The emotional depth and authenticity of the songs reflect the harsh realities of life in the barrio, as well as the hope and resilience that Tango embodies in the face of persecution and injustice.

Carol Hall

The soundtrack effectively conveys the tension and drama of Tango's imprisonment and his unwavering determination to fight for his beliefs.

Ashley Brown

The soundtrack of Wild Tango perfectly captures the rebellious spirit and energy of the late 1960s in Buenos Aires.