With Deadly Intent Soundtrack (

With Deadly Intent Soundtrack (1991) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Venganza final

Title in Italiano:

Write to Kill

Title in Português:

Write to Kill


A writer is framed for murder while investigating his brother's death.

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With Deadly Intent
Driving At Night
In This World
Lay Down
Fish in the Sea
Coffee, God, And Cigarettes
Never Get to Know
Losing Touch (Nyc)
yr kind of cool
Nostalgic Feel
Nothing Lasts
Blue Spotted Tail
The Only Thing
The Kids Will Be Alright, Eventually
She Wants Me Dead
Spirit In The Sky
Rowdy Blues
Lonesome Blues
All Summer Long
Stay (I Missed You)
Heart & Bones
The Body Breaks
In My Head
Misanthropic Drunken Loner
All Alone
i was all over her
We All Need Something
Sleep Apnea
Take Me to a Disco
Frontier Psychiatrist
Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
It's Alright
Fall Out
Lambs at the Slaughter
The Body Electric
Get the Fuck Outta Here
Ima Read
Simple Pleasures in America
Holland, 1945
Oh My God
Rude Boy