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Model Minority Banda sonora (2012) carátula

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Etiquetas: el romance interracial, el abuso de drogas, la mayoría de edad, amerasian, romance interracial, abuso de drogas, mayoridad
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Model Minority

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Model Minority

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Model Minority

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Model Minority

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Model Minority

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Model Minority


Kayla Tanaka (Nichole Sakura), 16, is half-Japanese, half-white, and totally American. She and her sister, 14-year-old Amberlyn (Courtney Mun), live with their parents, Ken (Chris Tashima), Japanese American, and Angie (Jessica Tuck), white, in Jefferson Park, California. Jefferson Park is a low-income section of Los Angeles less than 10 miles from Beverly Hills, but it might as well be a million miles away. Her mother is addicted to prescription meds and her father shows signs of alcoholism. When her parents announce their divorce, Ken moves in with his mother, Reiko Tanaka (Takayo Fischer), 70s, Kayla's beloved Baachan, and the girls remain with Angie.

Kayla's grades slip as she becomes more and more distracted. She meets Treyshawn Doty (Delon de Metz), a 19-year-old drug dealer, who is sympathetic about the humiliating secret of her mother's addiction, and kind and understanding about her increasing disagreements with her mother. He showers her with gifts, and promise of love. When Angie kicks her out of the house, wishing she'd never been born, Kayla moves in with Treyshawn.

When Kayla discovers her mother passed out in the bed of her neighborhood dealer, Dionte (Marc Anthony Samuel), her life spirals out of control: Kayla abandons her drawing and drops out of school, Amberlyn acts out with boys and drugs, and Ken slips into silent, stone-faced alcoholism. Kayla ignores the harsh realities of her life by escaping into the fast lane with Treyshawn, which works until they get arrested. Her gallant Treyshawn doesn't hesitate to turn her in to get himself off.

When Reiko visits Kayla in juvy, her grandmother is ashamed and says, "Japanese people don't go to prison." Kayla: "Baachan, that's not true." Reiko: "Yes, it is." Kayla: "Well, obviously not, because here I am." Reiko is upset, but manages to give Kayla some important advice: "Maybe what happens to us isn't as important as what we do about it afterwards. Ganbatte, neh? That's what we told each other in internment camp. To endure and persevere." Kayla takes her grandmother's advice to endure and persevere. She starts drawing again for the first time in months, during art time in juvy. When she is finally released, she's grateful to have the chance to start over.

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Model Minority
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Ms. Lauryn Hill: Artista
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The Kids Are Alright
Chloe x Halle: Artista
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Common: Artista
Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
Kendrick Lamar: Artista
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Drake: Artista
Lose Control (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)
Fatman Scoop: Artista
Bon Iver: Artista
Straight Outta Compton
N.W.A.: Artista
Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Lil Uzi Vert: Artista
Broken Clocks
SZA: Artista
Boo'd Up
Ella Mai: Artista
J. Cole: Artista
Get By
Talib Kweli: Artista
Black Star: Artista
Jay-Z: Artista
Selfish (feat. Rihanna)
Rihanna: Artista
Bodak Yellow
Cardi B: Artista
Who's That Girl?
Eve: Artista
Yellow Ranger
Awkwafina: Artista
J Dilla: Artista
Overnight Celebrity
Twista: Artista
Paper Planes
M.I.A.: Artista
99 Problems
Jay-Z: Artista
You Got Me
Eve: Artista
Hot Girl Summer (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)
Nicki Minaj: Artista
Feeling Myself
Beyoncé: Artista
Hypnotize - 2007 Remaster
My Dad's Gone Crazy
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Doves In The Wind (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Kendrick Lamar: Artista
Drunk in Love (feat. Jay-Z)
Jay-Z: Artista
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Mary J. Blige: Artista
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Snoop Dogg: Artista
Kendrick Lamar: Artista
Wu-Tang Clan: Artista
Nicki Minaj: Artista
Rihanna: Artista
Ashanti: Artista
I Don't Fuck With You
E-40: Artista
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Aretha Franklin: Artista
Lil Yachty: Artista
I Do It For Hip Hop
Jay-Z: Artista
Werkin' Girls
Angel Haze: Artista
Forgot About Dre
Eminem: Artista
Mr. Carter
Jay-Z: Artista
Shook Ones, Pt. II
Mobb Deep: Artista
It Was A Good Day
Ice Cube: Artista
Talent: Artista
Gangsta's Paradise
L.V.: Artista
Young M.A: Artista
California Love - Original Version
Dr. Dre: Artista
Big Poppa - 2007 Remaster
Ain't No Half-Steppin'
Big Daddy Kane: Artista
Me, Myself & I
De La Soul: Artista
The Pharcyde: Artista
Can I Kick It?
Get Ur Freak On
Missy Elliott: Artista
Game Theory
The Roots: Artista
Ready or Not
Fugees: Artista
Peter Piper
Run–D.M.C.: Artista

Opiniones de usuarios

Carmen Gutiérrez

Las composiciones musicales reflejan la angustia y la confusión de Kayla frente a la adicción de su madre y la difícil situación familiar.

Carlos Ruiz

Las melodías y arreglos musicales complementan de manera efectiva las actuaciones de los actores, potenciando las emociones de cada escena.

Paula Marín

La banda sonora de Model Minority es una pieza fundamental que logra sumergir al espectador en la compleja historia de Kayla y su familia.

Daniel Rodríguez

La música contribuye a profundizar la conexión emocional del público con los personajes y sus conflictos internos.

Carmen Cano

La banda sonora logra crear una atmósfera envolvente que sumerge al espectador en la historia de Kayla.

Luis Sánchez

La banda sonora de Model Minority es una pieza musical que logra capturar a la perfección la compleja y emotiva historia de Kayla Tanaka y su familia. Cada melodía y canción se fusiona de manera magistral con las escenas, creando una atmósfera envolvente que te sumerge por completo en el mundo de los personajes.

Alejandro Moreno

La música logra transmitir la sensación de caos y descontrol que experimenta Kayla a medida que su vida se desmorona.

Rosa Herrera

La música de Model Minority logra transmitir emociones profundas y genuinas, complementando a la perfección las interpretaciones de los actores. Cada nota musical parece estar cuidadosamente seleccionada para resaltar los momentos más emotivos y dramáticos de la trama, logrando así que la experiencia audiovisual sea aún más impactante y memorable.

Eva Navarro

Los temas musicales acompañan de manera adecuada los momentos de tensión y drama en la trama de la película.

Sofía Torres

La música logra transmitir de manera efectiva las emociones y conflictos internos de los personajes, añadiendo una capa adicional de profundidad a la narrativa.

Patricia González

La banda sonora de Model Minority logra capturar la intensidad emocional de la historia de Kayla de manera efectiva.

José Luis Álvarez

En general, la música de la película añade una capa adicional de profundidad y emotividad a la historia de Kayla y su familia.

Teresa Martín

La banda sonora de Model Minority destaca por su capacidad para evocar la lucha interna y la fortaleza de Kayla durante su difícil proceso de superación.

Francisco Javier Ferrer

Cada canción y melodía elegida parece estar perfectamente sincronizada con los momentos clave de la trama, generando una experiencia auditiva inmersiva y conmovedora.