A New York Heartbeat Soundtrack (

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

A New York Heartbeat

Title in Italiano:

A New York Heartbeat

Title in Português:

A New York Heartbeat


New York, 1957. SPIDER, a 17-year-old gang leader looking to make a rep, gets in way over his head when he blunders into the gambling nest of a notorious gangster. On the run, he's found and taken in by a sheltered young woman, TAMARA, who lives with her reclusive uncle, BIG DIDI, on the top floor of an abandoned hotel. She manages to keep Spider a secret from the bedridden Didi, an exiled crime lord who was gunned down and presumed dead 30 years earlier by the same gangster, CASKET MIKE, now pursuing Spider...

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A New York Heartbeat
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