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Affinity is a beautifully shot costume drama set in Victorian England. Like Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, it has a lesbian romance at the heart of a tale that explores the underside of "proper" society. With a gloomy prison setting and a host of supernatural undertones, the movie carries a darker tone and creepier setting than the previous two works, but is consistent with the mood of the novel it is based on.

The film centers on Margaret (Anna Madeley), a wealthy young woman suffering from depression after the death of her father and the rejection of her best friend and former lover who's gone and married her brother. Searching for a new way to get through her days, she signs up to become a "lady visitor" at a bleak women's prison, Millbank.

A mysterious girl named Selina (Zoe Tapper) soon catches her eye. Selina claims to be a spirit medium a person who channels spirits and the souls of the dead. She's also serving a long sentence after being convicted for murder, but she claims the murder was the work of one particularly strong and malicious spirit called Peter Quick.

At first, Margaret doesn't know what to think about Selina's mystical leanings, but after a few close encounters of her own (including a physical "manifestation" that's impossible to ignore), she begins to believe. After an initial curiosity and attraction, their relationship builds slowly through Margaret's many visits, and her reservations begin to melt away. She becomes obsessed with her mysterious friend, and the pair begins to bristle under the watchful eyes of the prison guards, particularly the head matron, who suspects that the two women are "sweet on" each other.

Outside of Millbank, Margaret falls deeper and deeper under Selina's spell and begins to investigate Selina's murky history. Her family and friends tolerate her bizarre new interests to a point, but everyone would prefer that she marry and settle down as soon as possible.

Margaret, of course, has other plans involving Selina and the supernatural. In many ways, Margaret is as much a prisoner in her own life, dictated by gender rules and societal expectations, as Selina is in her physical cell.

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Deep River (Arr. Coleridge-Taylor, Kanneh-Mason)
A Change Is Gonna Come
I Know I've Been Changed - Live
Doin Too Much
Blessin Me
First Began
You Will Know
Never Would Have Made It
I Blame You
Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)
Sunkissed Child (feat. Jill Scott & Iguocho)
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus) (feat. Le'Andria Johnson)
Nothing Even Matters
Follow My Lead
Miss Me
Cocoa Butter
Worth Fighting For - 1 Mic 1 Take
Can We Talk
Sent From Heaven
Lean On Me
Just the Way You Are
Love Theory
A Closer Walk
Praise Him
The Ice Cream Song
More, More, More
Best of Me
Espresso Shot
Black Is Beautiful
Just Like Water - Live
Butterflies Pt. 2
Loved By You (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
Everybody Business

User reviews

Linda Harris

The use of subtle motifs and recurring themes in the Affinity soundtrack ties the story together and enhances the cohesion of the film as a whole.

Susan Johnson

The soundtrack of Affinity is a character in itself, weaving its way through the narrative and becoming an integral part of the storytelling experience.

Donald Miller

The soundtrack of Affinity showcases a range of instruments and styles, demonstrating the composer's versatility and ability to evoke different emotions through music.

George Young

The Affinity soundtrack is a masterful composition that not only complements the visuals on screen but also stands on its own as a captivating and emotive musical work.

James Campbell

The music in Affinity elevates key moments of the plot, adding depth and resonance to pivotal scenes that resonate with the audience long after the film has ended.

Richard Baker

Overall, the soundtrack of Affinity is a key element that elevates the viewing experience and helps immerse the audience in the supernatural and gothic aspects of the story. The music sets the mood and enhances the tension, making it a crucial component of the film's success.

Jennifer Parker

The haunting melodies and atmospheric sounds of the Affinity soundtrack perfectly capture the eerie and mysterious undertones of the film's Victorian setting.

Daniel Perez

The emotional depth conveyed through the music in Affinity adds layers to the characters' struggles and relationships, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Sarah Evans

Another drawback of the Affinity soundtrack is its excessive use of somber and melancholic tones, which, while fitting for the gloomy prison setting and darker themes of the movie, can become overwhelming and draining for the viewer. The continuous gloomy atmosphere created by the soundtrack detracts from the overall viewing experience and fails to provide moments of relief or contrast.

Lisa Roberts

The melodies in Affinity are both haunting and beautiful, leaving a lasting impression on the listener and enhancing the overall cinematic journey.

Michael Thomas

The use of music in Affinity enhances the emotional journey of the characters, particularly Margaret and Selina. The soundtrack effectively conveys the evolving dynamics of their relationship and adds a layer of complexity to their connection.

John Baker

One negative aspect of the Affinity soundtrack is that it lacks diversity in terms of musical genres and styles, making it feel repetitive and monotonous throughout the film. The lack of variation in the soundtrack fails to capture the full range of emotions and complexities present in the storyline and character development.

Laura Thompson

The music in Affinity effectively sets the mood for each scene, from moments of tension and suspense to those of intimacy and connection between the characters.

Betty Moore

The soundtrack of Affinity skillfully blends classical elements with modern twists, creating a unique and captivating auditory journey for the audience.

Dorothy Mitchell

The soundtrack of Affinity perfectly captures the haunting and mysterious atmosphere of the film. The music intensifies the darker tone of the story and adds depth to the Victorian setting.