All About Actresses Soundtrack (

All About Actresses Soundtrack (2009) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

All About Actresses

Title in Português:

All About Actresses

Title in Français:

Le bal des actrices

Title in Türk:

All About Actresses

Title in Deutsch:

All About Actresses


A director shooting a documentary about all kinds of actresses falls for one of them.

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All About Actresses
I can't speak english
Anaïs: Writer
Karin Viard: Performer
JoeyStarr: Writer
Charlotte Rampling: Performer
La pin-up du mois
Benjamin Biolay: Writer
Mélanie Doutey: Performer
La pomme
Estelle Lefébure: Performer
Les parents ne nous comprennent pas
Marc Lavoine: Writer
Linh-Dan Pham: Performer
Dans les films
Julie Depardieu: Performer
Changer d'air
Jeanne Balibar: Performer