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Rating: 5.70/10 from 212000 votes
Tags: bad teacher, cheating on a test, breast enlargement, breast exam, fired from a job
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Bad Teacher

Title in Português:

Professora Baldas

Title in Français:

Bad Teacher

Title in Türk:

Kötü Öğretmen

Title in Deutsch:

Bad Teacher


When her wealthy fiancé breaks it off, gold digger Elizabeth Halsey returns to middle school: she's an awful teacher but wants to save for breast-implant surgery. She brightens when Scott, a new teacher, turns out to be rich, and she stops showing films and sleeping in class when told there's a bonus for the teacher whose class scores highest on the state exam. Her competition for Scott and the bonus is cheery and tightly wound Amy. Amy digs for dirt on Elizabeth who cheats her way toward Scott's bed and the money. Honesty with students seems to be her only skill. She ignores Russell, a droll gym teacher, who looks on. Will she succeed with Scott and get those new breasts?

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Bad Teacher
Teacher Teacher
Eddie Phillips: Writer
Rockpile: Performer
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Glenn Tipton: Writer
Judas Priest: Performer
Into My Mind
Charlie Wadhams: Performer
Charlie Wadhams: Writer
Stand and Deliver - Main Title
Craig Safan: Writer
Café Jazz
Tim Ziesmer: Performer
Tim Ziesmer: Writer
Still of the Night
David Coverdale: Writer
Whitesnake: Performer
Gangsta's Paradise
Stevie Wonder: Writer
Coolio: Performer
Rainbow in the Dark
Ronnie James Dio: Writer
Dio: Performer
867-5309 Jenny
Alex Call: Writer
Tommy Tutone: Performer
I Can't Get Enough
Robert Schwartzman: Writer
Rooney: Performer
Chicago Beatdown
Tim Ziesmer: Performer
Tim Ziesmer: Writer
James Pierpont: Writer
Uwe Busse: Arrangement
Die Flippers: Performer
Deck the Halls
Thomas Oliphant: Traditional tune, lyrics
Mr. Himbry Gets It
Marco Beltrami: Writer
Shawn Mullins: Writer
Swing Easy
Tim Ziesmer: Performer
Tim Ziesmer: Writer
Nothing from Nothing
Billy Preston: Performer
Billy Preston: Writer
54-46 That's My Number
Toots & The Maytals: Performer
Toots Hibbert: Writer
Sara Smile
Daryl Hall: Performer
Daryl Hall: Writer
Tim Ziesmer: Performer
Tim Ziesmer: Writer
The Ripper
Glenn Tipton: Writer
Judas Priest: Performer
Real Wild Child

User reviews

Ashley Martin

Additionally, I felt that the songs selected did not effectively capture the essence of the characters or the storyline. Instead of adding depth and emotion to the scenes, the music felt like an afterthought, lacking any real impact on the audience's experience.

Jennifer Martinez

While some tracks were catchy, they seemed disconnected from the storyline and failed to create a cohesive musical atmosphere for the movie.

George Miller

The lack of a standout theme or memorable musical motif made the soundtrack of Bad Teacher feel like an afterthought rather than a carefully curated selection of songs.

Amanda Baker

I particularly enjoyed how the soundtrack mirrored Elizabeth Halsey's wild and carefree personality, making the movie even more entertaining and enjoyable. The songs seemed to perfectly encapsulate her character's journey and added depth to her antics on screen.

Amanda Davis

The upbeat tracks create a lively atmosphere that complements the film's humor and wit.

James Harris

The soundtrack of Bad Teacher is relatively forgettable, with generic background music that doesn't leave a lasting impression.

Sarah Lewis

The songs selected for key moments in the movie help to amplify the impact of those scenes, making them more memorable.

Joseph Rodriguez

The songs chosen for the film are catchy and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Joseph Gonzalez

The music selection enhances the overall viewing experience and adds depth to the characters' personalities.

Donna Walker

The soundtrack effectively sets the mood for each scene, enhancing the audience's emotional connection to the story.

Linda Gonzalez

The soundtrack features a diverse range of genres and styles, catering to a wide audience and keeping the film engaging.

Mark Hall

The soundtrack of Bad Teacher perfectly captures the comedic and mischievous tone of the movie.

Kimberly Young

The mix of classic rock and upbeat pop songs in the soundtrack creates a lively atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film. The music choices are spot-on and truly elevate the overall viewing experience.

Matthew Roberts

Overall, the music in Bad Teacher is a delightful addition to the movie, contributing to its overall entertainment value.

Emily Turner

The songs chosen for key moments in the film felt out of place and did not enhance the overall viewing experience.

Ronald Martinez

Overall, the music in Bad Teacher did not contribute significantly to the film's narrative or emotional impact, leaving much to be desired in terms of originality and creativity.

Laura Adams

The music transitions seamlessly between different moods and tones, adding to the overall coherence of the film.

Linda Nelson

The soundtrack of Bad Teacher perfectly captures the rebellious and mischievous tone of the movie. Each song enhances the comedic moments and adds an extra layer of fun to the storyline.

Brian Young

The soundtrack of Bad Teacher is a standout feature of the film, showcasing the importance of music in enhancing storytelling.

Ashley Martinez

I found the soundtrack for Bad Teacher to be quite disappointing. The music choices seemed generic and uninspired, failing to enhance the overall tone of the movie.

Mark Davis

Overall, I was left unimpressed by the soundtrack of Bad Teacher, as it failed to leave a lasting impression or elevate the film in any meaningful way.