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Tags: banana peel, academic decathlon
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Billy Madison

Title in Italiano:

Billy Madison

Title in Português:

Um Milionário na Escola


The movie begins with Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) being an idiot in the pool. He then runs to the front door to get his magazines. Billy then goes inside and finds out that his father, Brian Madison (Darren McGavin) is having a meeting about retirement. Brian is trying to find a person to run Madison Hotels. Brian says that he will give the ownership to Eric Gordon (Bradley Whitford) because Billy is not responsible. Brian admits he paid Billy's teachers to pass him so he could graduate. Billy is mad so he says he will redo grades 1 through 12 in 24 weeks. 2 weeks for each grade. Brian accepts Billy's offer, but Eric is offended by this.

Billy completes 1st and 2nd grade with ease. 3rd grade is a big challenge because Billy is in love with his teacher Ms. Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson). He passes 3rd grade and then moves on to 4th grade. He misses Ms. Vaughn so they both fall in love. Billy makes it to high school and then has lots of problems there. He is often made fun of, so he calls all the kids he used to bully and apologizes to them. Ms. Vaughn helps him study his way to success, but Billy still hates school. Billy decides to miss school and stays home to drink all day.

Brian decides to give the business to Eric. Billy says that they can decide who gets the business by an academic decathlon. Billy wins the first events and Eric wins the race on the track. The final event is like a game show. The opponent chooses a topic for the other opponent. Billy has to choose a topic, so he chooses business for Eric. Eric is a businessman, but he can't answer the question. Eric then pulls out a handgun and attempts to shoot Billy, but the miserable lonely man that Billy called to apologize to shoots Eric in the leg with a rifle. Billy then has high school graduation and graduates from high school. Billy then decides to become a teacher and gives the reigns of the hotel business to a second business partner of his father's, the much nicer Carl (Larry Hankin).

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Billy Madison
Telephone Line
Jackson 5: Performer
Berry Gordy: Writer
I'm Not The One
Ric Ocasek: Writer
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
Beat On The Brat
The Stroke
Old John Braddelum
Cheap Thrills
The Billy Madison Way
News Bites
Billy's Victory Song
I'm Not The One
Ric Ocasek: Performer
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
Boy George: Performer
Think About The Pit
DFL: Performer
Billy's Victory Song
Adam Sandler: Performer

User reviews

Michelle Turner

The use of music in Billy Madison effectively conveys the emotional journey of the main character, Billy. From the moments of silliness and joy to the more heartfelt and introspective scenes, the soundtrack helps to create a well-rounded and engaging viewing experience.

Andrew Perez

The music selection in Billy Madison is diverse and well-chosen, adding depth and emotion to key moments in the film. From lighthearted melodies during Billy's antics to more poignant tunes during his moments of growth and self-discovery, the soundtrack truly captures the essence of the story and characters, creating a truly engaging and immersive cinematic experience.

Donald White

The music in Billy Madison effectively sets the mood for each scene, whether it's a humorous moment of Billy's antics or a heartfelt interaction between characters.

Amanda Gonzalez

The Billy Madison soundtrack is a perfect complement to the quirky and comedic tone of the movie. The upbeat and fun tracks really enhance the overall viewing experience, making the scenes even more enjoyable and memorable.

Joseph Perez

The soundtrack of Billy Madison perfectly captures the comedic and lighthearted tone of the movie, enhancing the silly and fun moments throughout the film.

Ashley Evans

The soundtrack of Billy Madison perfectly captures the comedic and lighthearted tone of the movie. The upbeat and playful music enhances the humorous scenes and adds to the overall entertainment value.

Laura Robinson

The soundtrack of Billy Madison helps to emphasize the growth and development of Billy's character as he navigates through his challenges and learns valuable lessons along the way.

Joshua Roberts

Overall, the music in Billy Madison contributes to the overall enjoyment of the movie, creating a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience for the audience.

Andrew Carter

The songs chosen for Billy Madison complement the storyline well, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the movie and keeping the audience engaged throughout.