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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

"Boardwalk Empire" Resignation

Title in Italiano:

"Boardwalk Empire" Resignation

Title in Português:

"Boardwalk Empire" Resignation


Now working as a "delivery man" for Dean O'Banion, Van Alden is ordered to keep tabs on Al Capone, joining the ascendant mobster to help keep Cicero voters "informed" at a political rally. Dr. Valentin Narcisse arrives in Atlantic City, clashing with Chalky and Nucky over the loss of an employee. In Washington, Agent Knox aligns himself with J. Edgar Hoover, acting director of the Bureau of Investigation. Harrow fails to finish a job in Milwaukee, while Eddie demands a promotion after 11 years of service. With a business opportunity on the horizon, Nucky departs for Florida.

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"Boardwalk Empire" Resignation
Straight Up and Down
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Mule Walk
Hard Hearted Harlan
Everybody Loves My Baby
Everything's Hotsy Totsy Now
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Good Time Flat Blues (aka Farwell to Storyville)
I'll See You in My Dreams