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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Arde Mississippi

Title in Português:

Mississipi em Chamas


After three Civil Rights workers, who were organizing a voter registry clinic, go missing in Mississippi's Jessup County, the FBI deputes Agents Rupert Anderson and Alan Ward to investigate. After the duo encounter hostility at the hands of the county police and other males, more agents are brought in.

This leads to a media frenzy, with Clayton Townley proclaiming openly that this community is an Anglo-Saxon democracy, an example of successful segregation that has been able to withstand the onslaught of integration, and total non-acceptance of Jews, Papists, Turks, Mongols, Orientals, Asians, and Negros.

While differences crop up between investigative tactics of the two agents, the Ku Klux Klan, aided by the police, target the fearful African-Americans, brutally torturing them and setting their houses on fire. With the entire local community - both black and white - refusing to come forward with any information - the FBI must now consider using other methods to try and find out what really happened to the three workers.

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Mississippi Burning
Take My Hand Precious Lord
Making Believe
Try Jesus
When We All Get to Heaven
Walk on by Faith
Murder in Mississippi (Part I)
Trevor Jones: Performer
Some Things Are Worth Dying For
Trevor Jones: Performer
Murder In Mississippi (Part II)
Trevor Jones: Performer
Anderson And Mrs. Pell
Trevor Jones: Performer
Trevor Jones: Performer
You Live It, Yu Breathe It, You Marry It
Trevor Jones: Performer
Murder In Mississippi (Part III)
Trevor Jones: Performer
Requiem For Three Young Men
Trevor Jones: Performer
Burning Cross
Trevor Jones: Performer
Justice In Mississippi
Trevor Jones: Performer
Walk On By Faith (Vocal)
Trevor Jones: Performer

User reviews

Kenneth Smith

The music in Mississippi Burning effectively conveys the fear and despair experienced by the African-American community in the face of violence and discrimination.

Deborah Walker

The soundtrack of Mississippi Burning effectively captures the dichotomy between the Southern charm portrayed on the surface and the deep-seated racism and violence lurking beneath.

Carol Thomas

The use of traditional Southern melodies and gospel music adds depth and authenticity to the setting, immersing the audience in the atmosphere of the film.

Dorothy Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Mississippi Burning perfectly captures the tense and ominous atmosphere of the film, setting the tone for the intense investigation and racial tensions portrayed.

James Harris

Overall, the soundtrack of Mississippi Burning is a standout element of the film, elevating the storytelling and leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Its emotional depth and powerful resonance make it a standout example of how music can elevate a film and bring history to life in a truly impactful way.

Susan Robinson

The score of Mississippi Burning skillfully builds suspense and drama, heightening the stakes of the investigation and the escalating conflict between the FBI agents and the Klan.

Betty Roberts

The use of silence in certain scenes of the film, devoid of music, creates a sense of unease and tension that is palpable, enhancing the impact of the storytelling.

Laura Brown

Overall, the music of Mississippi Burning is a vital component that elevates the film's narrative and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Ronald Parker

The use of traditional Southern gospel music in the soundtrack adds an authentic and haunting quality to the film, enhancing the emotional impact of the scenes.

Linda Hill

The emotional impact of the music is undeniable, evoking empathy for the African-American community and their struggles against racism and violence.

Michelle Moore

The soundtrack of Mississippi Burning is haunting and powerful, capturing the tension and fear of the Civil Rights era in the Deep South.

Carol Allen

The soundtrack of Mississippi Burning is a powerful and haunting masterpiece that perfectly captures the tension and emotion of the Civil Rights era. The use of soulful and stirring gospel music throughout the film adds a layer of authenticity and depth to the storytelling, immersing the audience in the struggle for equality and justice.

Patricia Green

Each note and melody in the soundtrack evokes a range of emotions, from heartbreak to resilience, mirroring the complexities of the characters and the challenging situations they face. The music not only enhances the cinematic experience but also serves as a poignant reminder of the real-life struggles and sacrifices made during the Civil Rights movement.

Laura Thompson

The soundtrack effectively underscores the themes of justice, equality, and the fight against oppression, making it a crucial element of the film's storytelling.

Andrew Adams

The music enhances the sense of urgency and danger as the FBI agents face hostility and resistance from the local authorities and the Ku Klux Klan.

Kenneth Carter

The music in Mississippi Burning plays a crucial role in immersing the audience in the historical context of the Civil Rights movement and the struggles faced by those fighting for equality in the Deep South.

Timothy Roberts

The soundtrack's incorporation of blues and soul music helps to underscore the resilience and strength of the Civil Rights workers and the African-American characters in the film.