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Alternate Names:
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Brave 10

Title in Italiano:

Brave 10


A girl being pursued by assassins runs into a ronin samurai. He saves her and subsequently can't get rid of her, as she begs for him to escort her to a nearby castle. Once there the lord is initially reluctant to help her but turns out not to be so helpless after all, additionally the lord seems to have a plan of his own, the formation of a group of 10 warriors.

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Brave 10
When Will My Life Begin? - From "Tangled" / Soundtrack Version
Mother Knows Best - From "Tangled"/Soundtrack Version
I've Got a Dream - From "Tangled"/Soundtrack Version
I See the Light - From "Tangled" / Soundtrack Version
Healing Incantation - From "Tangled"/Soundtrack Version
Flynn Wanted - From "Tangled"/Score
Prologue - From "Tangled"/Score
Horse with No Rider - From "Tangled"/Score
Escape Route - From "Tangled"/Score
Campfire - From "Tangled"/Score
Kingdom Dance - From "Tangled"/Score
Waiting for the Lights - From "Tangled"/Score
Return to Mother - From "Tangled"/Score
Realization and Escape - From "Tangled"/Score
The Tear Heals - From "Tangled"/Score
Kingdom Celebration - From "Tangled"/Score
Something That I Want
Hiro Hamada
Nerd School
Inflatable Friend
Huggable Detective
The Masked Man
One of the Family
The Streets of San Fransokyo
To the Manor Born
So Much More
First Flight
Silent Sparrow
Family Reunion
Big Hero 6
I Am Satisfied with My Care
Signs of Life
Long Ago...
The Gospel Truth I / Main Titles - Hercules
The Gospel Truth II
The Gospel Truth III
Go the Distance
Oh Mighty Zeus
Go The Distance (Reprise)
One Last Hope
Zero To Hero
I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
A Star Is Born
The Big Olive
The Prophecy
Destruction Of The Agora
Phil's Island
Speak Of The Devil
The Hydra Battle
Meg's Garden
Hercules' Villa
All Time Chump
Cutting The Thread
A True Hero / A Star Is Born