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Captain Jack

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Captain Jack

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Captain Jack


Gotham has the Dark Knight. Metropolis has the Man of Steel. Bridgetown (population:497) has Jack. Jack Callaway was once the greatest high school athlete in the history of Bridgetown, Ohio. But - Left knee shattered, hopes dashed. Now, 25, Jack's the frycook at the local diner. A has-been. Harvey Bloomer, 55, is a self-proclaimed war hero turned master entrepreneur. Ka-ching. Despite his lucrative bubble bath boutique, Harver wants more. Much more. Bridgetown's a railroad town lost in the Appalachian hills. Harvey knows trucking equals big money. His mission: demolish railroad, introduce trucking. Ba-da-bing. If successful, he'll be the master of his own midwestern universe. Ba-da-boom. Enter frycook with awesome get-up. Pow. In the heartland of America, in the face of evil, in a jock strap and football pads... How far would you go to save your hometown?

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Captain Jack
Captain Marvel
Ready to Go
Kiss Me Deadly
Crazy On You
Whatta Man
Only Happy When It Rains
Crush With Eyeliner
You Gotta Be
Come As You Are
Just A Girl
Man On The Moon
Please Mr. Postman
Please Mr. Postman - 1991 Remix
Celebrity Skin
I'm So Free
Waking Up
Boarding the Train
Why Do You Fight?
Let's Bring Him Home
Entering Enemy Territory
Breaking Free
Hot Pursuit
Lost the Target
Lifting Fingerprints
Finding the Records
Escaping the Basement
Photos of Us
Learning the Truth
New Clothes
Space Turbulence
High Score
Interrupting Something?
I'm All Fired Up
More Problems
You Could Use a Jump
This Isn't Goodbye
Run To You
New York Groove
Shiny Happy People
Losing My Religion
Stand And Deliver
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Hand in My Pocket - 2015 Remaster
Mysterious Ways
Friday I'm in Love
Two Princes
Semi-Charmed Life
You Get What You Give
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Blister In The Sun
How Bizarre
Send Me On My Way
What's Up?