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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Corazón salvaje

Title in Italiano:

Cuore selvaggio

Title in Português:

Coração Selvagem


Francisco Alcazar, a rich Mexican landowner, has two sons: Andres, born to his wife Sofia; and Juan, whose father has nothing to do with him. Francisco dies before he can legitimize Juan, and resentful Sofia evicts the boy. 15 years later, Andres returns from Europe to run the hacienda and is expected to marry Monica, a countess' pious daughter, but he falls in love with Monica's glamorous sister Aimee, unaware that she is having an affair with Juan, who becomes manager of Andres' estate and finds an unexpected ally in Monica, who helps him improve conditions for the laborers. After Andres learns of Juan's affair with Aimee, a long, bloody feud begins that threatens the happiness of all four characters.

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Corazón salvaje
Corazón salvaje
Jorge Avendaño: Writer
Manuel Mijares: Performer
Amaury López: Arrangement