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Late '50s to early '60s, when the space war between the Soviet and US was fiercely going on, a fifteen-year-old member of the communist party, Luciana, develops her ideals while living with her bourgeois stepfather, and among male chauvinists in a communist group in Rome. Her only friend is her brother Arturo, who dreams of going to space but is unable to do so due to his epilepsy.

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Space Oddity - 2015 Remaster
Moon Song
Freakin' Out On the Interstate
Our Song
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)
Blue Coupe
I Know The End
Nessuno mi può giudicare
Luciano Beretta: Writer
Tempo Dopo
Cuore Matto
Totò Savio: Writer
Sikitikis: Performer
Noir N.5
Dopolavoro Dancing
Carlo Rossi: Writer
Estasi Di Un Delitto
E La Pioggia Che Va
Viginiana Miller: Performer
Bob Lind: Writer
Confessioni Di Un Cuoco Criminale
Io Che Amo Solo Te
Sergio Endrigo: Writer