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Rating: 4.90/10 from 2200 votes
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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El jinete del amanecer

Title in Italiano:

La vendetta del cowboy

Title in Português:

Dawn Rider

Title in Français:

Le Cavalier de l'Aube

Title in Türk:

Le Cavalier de l'Aube

Title in Deutsch:

Dawn Rider


In 1883 in Dakota Territory, a bounty hunter named Cochrane is chasing after Cincinnati John Mason ("I've never been to Cincinnati", Mason frequently tells people). Later it is revealed three men died because of him and while they might not have had high moral standards, Cochrane says, "The law is the law." Mason was also connected with the death of a prisoner in Mexico whose family wanted justice; someone was told to release one or the other, and Mason was released. Mason may have killed people for The Pinkertons. He does admit to having been a Texas ranger.

A gang wearing masks robs the mail in Wyoming and several people on both sides are shot. At a card game in Montana, Mason has three aces while the other man has three kings. Someone was cheating and a number of guns are drawn and Mason needs to get out of town. He meets Ben McClure at a campfire.

In Promise, Wyoming, Mason meets up with his father who is not happy to see him. He also meets up with Alice who is attractive, intelligent and tough, and very happy to see him. However, Ben McClure wants to marry her. This becomes a problem later. Alice seems to be the closest thing Promise has to a doctor, or maybe the doctor doesn't appear in the movie. Alice's brother Rodd is about to lose the family ranch, and he is prepared to do anything. He even considers the ranch more important than his sister. Rodd needs $5000, and money like that is hard to get legally. Mason says he doesn't do that anymore.

The masked gang shows up again. At least the men wear the same type masks. The only way to be sure is that some, or maybe all, have double X on their shoulder. The viewer is told this is the first time someone has died. There are railway workers who are getting paid more now than they used to. Someone has to deliver the money, and Ben and Mason volunteer to do the job at different times. Each time there is a problem. It's hard to be sure what Mason's intentions are. Meanwhile, Cochrane finally catches up with Mason.

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Dawn Rider
Dawn Rider
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User reviews

Patricia King

Overall, the soundtrack of Dawn Rider is a standout element of the film, elevating the viewing experience and immersing the audience in the rugged and dangerous world of the Dakota Territory in 1883.

Lisa Wright

The musical choices in Dawn Rider felt generic and uninspired, lacking originality and failing to enhance the overall atmosphere of the film.

Carol Hill

The soundtrack of Dawn Rider did not effectively build tension or suspense during key moments, resulting in a lackluster viewing experience and missed opportunities to create memorable cinematic moments.

Edward Scott

The music in the film effectively sets the tone for the unfolding story, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue as Cincinnati John Mason's past is revealed, adding depth to his character and the overall narrative.

David Perez

The soundtrack of Dawn Rider perfectly captures the tension and drama of the Wild West setting, enhancing the thrilling bounty hunting scenes and intense confrontations between characters.

Michael Martin

The soundtrack of Dawn Rider effectively captures the tension and suspense of the film's action scenes. The use of dramatic strings and percussion enhances the intensity of the chase sequences and gunfights, immersing the audience in the Wild West setting.

Donna Green

On the other hand, some of the musical cues in the soundtrack of Dawn Rider feel repetitive and predictable, lacking in originality. The reliance on familiar Western motifs and melodies at times detracts from the overall impact of the music, making it feel generic and uninspired.

Timothy Nelson

The soundtrack of Dawn Rider failed to capture the intensity and emotion of the action scenes, leaving the audience feeling disconnected and unengaged.