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Rating: 4.20/10 from 1600 votes
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Die in One Day

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Die in One Day


"Die in One Day" is a horror film that follows a group of friends who decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. As they settle in, they begin to experience strange and terrifying events that escalate quickly. One by one, the friends start to die in gruesome ways, leaving the survivors to question who or what is behind the killings. As they try to unravel the mystery, they realize that they are being hunted by a vengeful spirit seeking revenge for a past wrongdoing. With time running out and their numbers dwindling, the remaining friends must band together to uncover the truth and find a way to survive before they all meet their demise in one day.

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Die in One Day
Somebody Like You - Edit
Good Day
Feels Like Home
Who Do You Love?
Let's Stay Together
Follow You Down
You're So Vain
Kiss Me
Catch Me If You Can
Weight Of The World
Why Can't I?
Hold On
Perfect Day
Dirty Little Secret
Crush - Extended Vinyl Version
Time After Time
This Will Be Our Year
Float On
Just the Girl

User reviews

Daniel Young

I appreciated how the music in Die in One Day varied in intensity, from subtle and ominous tracks to intense and pulse-pounding compositions during the most suspenseful scenes.

Kimberly Clark

I found the choice of music in Die in One Day to be distracting and mismatched with the on-screen events. Instead of complementing the eerie visuals and escalating fear, the soundtrack sometimes felt out of place, diminishing the overall impact of key scenes.

Elizabeth Lopez

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs in Die in One Day became monotonous and predictable, making it difficult to stay engaged with the unfolding terror. The lack of variety and originality in the soundtrack detracted from the immersive experience that a well-crafted score should provide in a horror film.

Donna Roberts

Overall, the soundtrack of Die in One Day is a standout feature of the film, adding depth, emotion, and excitement to the horror narrative. It is a testament to the importance of music in creating a truly immersive cinematic experience.

William Jones

The soundtrack features a great mix of orchestral and electronic elements, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. It mirrors the fast-paced and intense nature of the plot, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish.

Stephanie Thompson

The soundtrack of Die in One Day failed to evoke the necessary tension and suspense expected in a horror film. The music often felt generic and uninspired, lacking the ability to enhance the chilling atmosphere of the movie.

Elizabeth Martin

The soundtrack of Die in One Day perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the horror film. It sets the mood for each scene with its eerie and haunting melodies.

Susan Robinson

The soundtrack of Die in One Day perfectly captures the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the film, setting the tone for the terrifying events that unfold.

Laura Thomas

The sound design in the soundtrack is top-notch, with attention to detail in every sound effect and musical cue. It adds layers of complexity to the overall audio experience, making it a standout feature of the film.

Stephanie Hernandez

The soundtrack of Die in One Day showcases the talent and creativity of the composer, who found the perfect balance between traditional horror elements and modern soundscapes. It elevates the film to a new level of intensity and excitement.

Paul Phillips

Overall, the soundtrack of Die in One Day was a crucial element in creating a truly immersive and chilling viewing experience, leaving me thoroughly impressed and thoroughly spooked.

Amanda Jackson

The sound design in the film was particularly impressive, with the soundtrack working in harmony with the ambient noises to create a truly immersive and spine-tingling experience.

Karen Williams

I found the use of haunting melodies and dissonant sounds in the soundtrack to be incredibly effective in building tension and keeping me on edge throughout the movie.

Andrew Campbell

The musical composition in Die in One Day complements the storyline and adds depth to the characters' emotions. It heightens the impact of key moments in the film, making them even more chilling and impactful.

Steven Evans

The soundtrack transitions smoothly between different moods and tones, adapting to the changing atmosphere of the story. It seamlessly blends with the visuals, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

Paul Moore

I found myself drawn into the story even more by the evocative and evocative musical motifs that wove their way through the film, heightening the sense of dread and impending doom.

Mary Baker

The music perfectly underscored the theme of vengeance and retribution in the film, enhancing the emotional impact of the characters' desperate struggle for survival.

Nancy Wilson

The use of unconventional instruments and experimental sounds in the soundtrack of Die in One Day added a unique and unsettling quality that stayed with me long after the movie ended.

Donald Williams

The music in Die in One Day enhanced the sense of isolation and foreboding in the remote cabin setting, adding an extra layer of unease to the already chilling story.

Paul White

The use of atmospheric sounds in the soundtrack enhances the sense of dread and unease throughout the movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, anticipating what will happen next.

Joseph Jackson

The main theme of Die in One Day is memorable and stays with you long after the movie is over. It evokes a sense of foreboding and sets the tone for the terrifying events that unfold on screen.

Carol Parker

The use of silence in certain scenes is just as powerful as the music itself, creating moments of suspense and tension that keep the audience engaged. It showcases the skillful craftsmanship of the sound design team.

Richard Jones

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the on-screen action helped intensify the scares and made the horror moments even more impactful and memorable.