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"Dracula" From Darkness to Light


Dracula grimly remembers the horror that turned Vlad into his bloodthirsty self, fueling undying hate for the order. He masterly outplays huntress Jane in aloof courtship and summons devoted but insatiable, crude vampire Josef Cervenka, who is set up to attack her so he can save her and win her confidence. Jonathan and Mina are happy together and plan their wedding, or rather her devoted Lucy, who manages to shake her confidence if wedding is the right move. After a test construction explodes, Grayson needs a stronger steel alloy, which the order is determined to block. The order also needs to control a war on the Ottoman empire to secure its Persian oil interests, so they summon the key generals, one of which is executed. Van Helsing puts her to tedious work and makes progress in developing a serum to allow vampires standing sunlight, but it needs to be transported in the blood, which their dead heart can't. The suicided lord's gay heir's father starts plotting revenge on the order.

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"Dracula" From Darkness to Light