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Tags: grand canyon national park, car chase, headshot the photograph, nogales arizona
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Salidos de cuentas

Title in Italiano:

Parto col folle

Title in Português:

A Tempo e Horas


Due Date

Enroute from Atlanta to Los Angeles via plane to be on time for the birth of his first child, Peter Highman instead runs into fellow-passenger/aspiring Hollywood actor, Ethan Tremblay, and has part of his baggage switched. Just when the flight is about to take off, Peter gets into a situation, is shot and subdued by an Air Marshall. When he regains his senses he finds he is on the 'No Fly List', no money/credit card, nor identification, and is compelled to hitch a ride with Ethan. Hoping to make it in time, he is has no idea that soon he will be assaulted by a 'handicapable' Western Union employee; get in a serious accident that will result in a fracture and several stitches; be on the run from Mexican Police; suspect his wife of having an affair with his friend, Darryl, and that the child may not even be his!!

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Due Date
Hold On I'm Comin'
Isaac Hayes: Writer
Sam & Dave: Performer
People Are Crazy
Bobby Braddock: Writer
Billy Currington: Performer
Yankee Doodle House
Scott Bradley: Writer
The White Room
Jack Bruce: Writer
Cream: Performer
New Moon Rising
Andrew Stockdale: Writer
Wolfmother: Performer
Closing Time
Dan Wilson: Writer
Danny McBride: Performer
Robin Pecknold: Writer
Fleet Foxes: Performer
This Is Why I'm Hot
Mims: Writer
Mims: Performer
The Arc Choir: Performer
Old Man (Live At Massey Hall)
Neil Young: Writer
Neil Young: Performer
Hey You
Roger Waters: Writer
Sweet Jane
Is There a Ghost
Amazing Grace
Check Ya Self 2010
Theme from Two And A Half Men

User reviews

Amanda Williams

The music selection in Due Date is diverse and well-curated, providing a dynamic and engaging listening experience throughout the movie.

Michael Mitchell

The original score in Due Date complements the on-screen action seamlessly, creating a sense of tension, excitement, and humor in all the right moments.

Betty Hernandez

The soundtrack of Due Date perfectly captures the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the film's storyline.

Patricia Lewis

The soundtrack showcases a diverse range of artists and styles, catering to different musical preferences.

Daniel Brown

The soundtrack of Due Date is memorable and leaves a lasting impression, adding to the film's overall impact.

Sarah Thompson

Overall, the soundtrack of Due Date is a standout element of the movie, contributing significantly to the overall entertainment value and memorable moments of the film.

Elizabeth Moore

The soundtrack of Due Date perfectly captures the chaotic and unpredictable journey of the main characters, enhancing the overall comedic and thrilling elements of the film.

Charles Williams

The use of various genres in the soundtrack creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Robert Green

The soundtrack contributes to the film's overall atmosphere and helps to establish the tone of each scene.

Joshua Baker

The music successfully complements the on-screen action, enhancing the audience's engagement with the story.

Michael Evans

The music in Due Date enhances the character development and relationships in the film, providing depth and emotional resonance to the story.

Linda Harris

The incorporation of popular songs alongside original compositions adds depth and dimension to the musical experience.

Michelle Rodriguez

The music enhances the comedic elements of the movie, adding to the overall entertainment value.

Stephanie Phillips

Overall, the music in Due Date is a standout feature that elevates the viewing experience and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the film.

Kenneth Jones

The soundtrack of Due Date features a blend of genres that appeal to a wide range of musical tastes, making it enjoyable for a broad audience.

Matthew Mitchell

The use of familiar songs in the soundtrack of Due Date adds a nostalgic touch, evoking emotions and memories that resonate with the audience.

Steven Miller

The songs chosen for key moments in the film evoke strong emotions and help to build tension effectively.