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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Ángel terrenal

Title in Italiano:

Earth Angel

Title in Português:

Earth Angel

Title in Français:

Le paradis d'angela

Title in Türk:

Dünyadaki Melek

Title in Deutsch:

Du bist ja ein Engel!


Angela is a teen ager in 1962 who only wants to party with no thought of her future. She has a cocky boyfriend, Duke who like her doesn't think about the future. Her school counselor thinks she might have a chance if she changes her outlook starting with her grades. He tells her, he asked one of the students, Wayne to tutor her. And while being with him, she finds herself attracted to him. She asks him to be her date to the prom but Duke upon learning of this, makes her go to the prom with him and they get into an accident which he walks away from and she doesn't. She then finds herself in purgatory and would be there for years. One day she runs into her counselor who passed away, who tells she hasn't really done enough that allows her to enter heaven. So he tells her that she has to go back to Earth to help someone. When she gets there, she doesn't know who she's suppose to help or how. A girl named Cindy can see her and it seems she wants to be with a guy who is also like Duke while a meek guy named Peter likes her but she doesn't know it. So she helps Cindy score with the guy. And she eventually discovers that Wayne is lonely and miserable. And tries to fix him up with her best friend, Judith who is Cindy's mother. But Duke has laid claim to Judith.

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