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British writer-producers Beverly and Sean Lincoln (Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan), have a wonderful marriage and a hit TV series to their credit. Things couldn't be better.

Until Merc Lapidus (John Pankow), a Hollywood network executive, gushes over their series at a gala. Merc is certain that a remake of the show will go over well with an American audience. After making the Lincolns a lucrative offer, they pack up and ship out to the States.

It doesn't take long for them to figure out that Hollywood is a place where deals are made and broken in the same breath. They soon find themselves holding on tight as creative control of their show starts to slip away from their hands.

Merc ultimately dismisses the original star, an elder, distinguished, gentleman, for Friends (1994) actor Matt LeBlanc, a charming, yet manipulative beast, with a grocery list of demands.

Hollywood is not what the Lincolns had in mind, but Sean believes he can swim with the sharks. As for Beverly, she'd rather go back to the UK than deal with these Episodes.

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Working for the Weekend
You're The Best
Nothin' But A Good Time - Remastered 2006
Hangin' Tough
I'm Alright - Theme from "Caddyshack"
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
We're Not Gonna Take It
Hey Man Nice Shot
I Get Around - Remastered
Don't You (Forget About Me)
You Might Think
We Are The Champions - Remastered 2011
Mississippi Queen
Somebody's Watching Me - Single Version
Party All the Time
Takin' Care Of Business
Holding Out for a Hero - From "Footloose" Soundtrack
Delibes: Lakmé, Act 1: "Dôme épais, le jasmin" (Lakmé, Mallika)

User reviews

Michelle Johnson

The use of music in key moments of the series creates a powerful impact, intensifying the drama and tension in a truly memorable way.

Mark Hall

Overall, the soundtrack of Episodes is a standout element of the show, contributing significantly to its overall appeal and entertainment value.

Kenneth Nelson

Each track in the soundtrack complements the emotions and struggles of the characters, adding depth and dimension to the storytelling.

Margaret Harris

The soundtrack choices in Episodes showcase a keen understanding of how music can enhance the mood and atmosphere of a scene.

Deborah Garcia

The score of Episodes skillfully mirrors the emotional journey of the characters, adding depth and complexity to their storylines.

David Harris

The soundtrack of Episodes failed to capture the essence of the show's comedic and satirical tone. The music choices felt generic and uninspired, lacking the wit and charm that the series itself possessed.

Thomas Adams

The soundtrack of Episodes perfectly captures the chaos and glamour of Hollywood, immersing the audience in the world of the show.

Joseph Wright

The music in Episodes is expertly integrated into the storytelling, elevating key moments and creating a memorable viewing experience.

Steven Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Episodes perfectly captures the essence of the Hollywood glamour and chaos, immersing me in the world of the show.

Edward Moore

The use of different musical genres in the soundtrack of Episodes helps set the tone for each episode, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience.

Paul Smith

I appreciate how the soundtrack incorporates both original compositions and well-known songs, creating a unique blend that sets the tone for each scene.

Mark Nelson

The musical cues in Episodes effectively enhance the comedic timing of the series, adding an extra layer of humor to the scenes.

Deborah Thompson

The soundtrack of Episodes features a great selection of songs that complement the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Carol Mitchell

The use of original compositions in Episodes adds a unique and distinctive touch to the series, setting it apart from other shows.

Jennifer Robinson

Overall, the soundtrack of Episodes elevates the viewing experience, leaving a lasting impression and adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the show.

Sarah Robinson

The use of repetitive and cliché music cues in pivotal moments of the show detracted from the overall viewing experience. Instead of enhancing the emotional impact of key scenes, the soundtrack felt like an afterthought, failing to elevate the storytelling to a higher level.

Nancy Jackson

The music selection in Episodes is diverse and eclectic, offering a rich auditory experience that enhances the viewing pleasure.