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Festive Spirit

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Miia (Pirjo Lonka) has organized a company party, but the atmosphere is ruined when Katja (Seidi Haarla) reveals partly by accident that the boss had groped her after the previous spring party. People start to speculate about the motives and timing of Katja's revelation. What is more important, the truth or the festive spirit? Festive Spirit (Juhlatunnelma) is directed by Jenni Toivoniemi and written by Jenni Toivoniemi and Kirsikka Saari, and is part of the Force of Habit (Yksittäistapaus) anthology film.

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Festive Spirit
Heart's Desire
Daniel May: Writer
Sä osaat sillä lailla peppua vemputtaa
Veikko Samuli: Writer
Käyrä nousemaan
Veikko Samuli: Writer
Ilkka Vainio: Lyrics
Kikka: Performer