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Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Le squillo della porta accanto

Title in Português:

Se Quer Diversão Ligue...


Lauren and Katie, college frenemies with a mutual good friend, move in together at age 28 in order to afford an amazing Gramercy Park apartment. The unlikely pair start a phone sex line and become best friends while learning about this hilarious world of vibrators, fake orgasms and nighttime callers. When the hot line is hung up and reality comes calling, the most meaningful relationship of their lives is put to the test.

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For a Good Time, Call...
Simple Time
Haroula Rose: Writer
Haroula Rose: Performer
Back and Forth
Operator Please: Performer
Callin' Out
Lyrics Born: Performer
Come Alive
Hanni El Khatib: Writer
Hanni El Khatib: Performer
Lisa Loeb: Writer
Lisa Loeb: Performer
Smokey Robinson: Writer
Mary Wells: Performer
Call Me
Blondie: Performer
Debbie Harry: Writer
If You're Wrong (I Don't Wanna Be Right)
I Promise
Grant Widmer: Writer
Generationals: Performer
Come Come
Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second
Ffunny Ffriends
What Do Ya Do
Black Water
By Your Hand
Lose It
Flowers Bloom