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Rating: 6.70/10 from 2500 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

No sos vos, soy yo

Title in Italiano:

It's Not You, It's Me

Title in Português:

Não És Tu, Sou Eu

Title in Français:

No sos vos, soy yo

Title in Türk:

No sos vos, soy yo

Title in Deutsch:

No sos vos, soy yo


Javier and Maria live together. Discontent with life in Argentina, they plan to migrate to Miami in search for a better life. Since Maria has a US residency, they hastily marry and she flies ahead. He resigns his job, sells his car and apartment, and packs his things. On the way to the airport he receives a call from Maria, she doesn't want him to come over. She's confused. She's involved with somebody else.

Javier is destroyed. He's a walking ghost, constantly pestering his friends, family and shrink about Maria, about getting her back. He goes through a complete duel period, every stage documented in clever if not completely original comedy.

Finally getting back to his senses, he tries to set out again and find somebody. Getting "it" back is difficult and he's bad (very) at it. After a few mishaps, he meets someone, Julia. An emotionally scarred but sweet clerk at the pet store, and things seem to work, slowly but promising.

Then Maria's father has a heart attack and she returns, all confused again, asking Javier to love her again. He's nice but (finally) in his right mind, sensitive, but not biting. The duel is over. He's ready to live again.

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No sos vos, soy yo
Mondo Difficile
Tonino Carotone: Writer
Jorge Drexler: Writer
Jorge Drexler: Writer
730 Días
Jorge Drexler: Writer
Amor descartable
Virus: Performer
Julio Moura: Writer
Wadu Wadu
Virus: Performer
Julio Moura: Writer
Crímenes perfectos
Te extraño
Diego Frenkel: Writer

User reviews

Joseph Taylor

The choice of songs in the film seemed out of place and did not effectively convey the complexity of the characters' emotions. The soundtrack failed to create a cohesive atmosphere that would have enriched the storytelling, leaving the audience feeling detached from the characters' experiences.

Richard Hernandez

The choice of songs is spot on, reflecting the mood and atmosphere of each moment in the film. The soundtrack truly elevates the viewing experience, making it a memorable and emotional journey for the audience.

Emily Smith

The music seamlessly transitions between somber melodies during Javier's lowest moments and more uplifting tunes as he begins to find hope again, mirroring his emotional journey.

Karen Williams

Overall, the soundtrack of No sos vos, soy yo not only complements the narrative beautifully but also stands on its own as a moving and evocative musical experience.

Sarah Jones

The soundtrack effectively conveys the bittersweet nature of Javier and Maria's relationship, with each track evoking a range of emotions from nostalgia to acceptance.

Andrew Lewis

The emotional depth of the soundtrack perfectly captures the heartbreak and confusion experienced by Javier throughout the film's storyline.

Daniel Garcia

The incorporation of Latin rhythms and melodies in the music reflects the cultural background of the characters and adds authenticity to the film's setting in Argentina.

Steven Perez

The music perfectly mirrors Javier's inner turmoil and confusion as he grapples with Maria's sudden rejection and betrayal, adding depth to his character development.

Donna Adams

The music enhances the storytelling, creating a deep connection with the characters and their emotions. It adds layers of depth to the scenes, making them even more impactful and memorable.

Emily Taylor

Overall, the music in No sos vos, soy yo enhances the storytelling and emotional impact of the film, making it a memorable and immersive viewing experience.

Joshua Nelson

The soundtrack strikes a delicate balance between melancholy and hope, reflecting the bittersweet nature of Javier's relationships and personal growth.

Ashley Parker

The use of different instruments and arrangements in the soundtrack adds layers of complexity to the storytelling, enhancing the audience's connection to the characters' inner struggles.

Amanda Lopez

The soundtrack of No sos vos, soy yo effectively captures the emotional rollercoaster of the main character, Javier, as he navigates heartbreak and self-discovery.

Richard Scott

The soundtrack of No sos vos, soy yo perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster that Javier goes through in the film. Each song resonates with the different stages of his journey, from heartbreak to healing.

Ronald Hill

The use of musical motifs throughout the film helps to underscore Javier's journey from devastation to healing, creating a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

Amanda Lee

The soundtrack of No sos vos, soy yo failed to capture the emotional depth and nuances of the characters' journey. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the ability to enhance the poignant moments of Javier's heartbreak and eventual healing.